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Sometimes I still get what town she is in and it often flashes for a second and shows me the location but never for more than a split second. How can we both fix this? It happens on both our phones. Posted on Sep 11, PM. When I try to see my Daughter's location in message details it says "location not available" it was working then stopped a few weeks ago.

She says her location services are on and she has tried to stop sharing and resharing. Still says the same thing. Sep 14, AM. I've had this same problem, used to be able to see my husband's shared location from his iPhone on my iPhone but it doesn't work after os9 update. Sep 22, AM. Same problem. We use location sharing via iMessage permanently with the 3 iPhone 6's in our house. About Jan 1st , I could no longer see either of the other 2 iphone's locations.

I just got 'location not available'. Both their phones could still see mine. We disabled and re-enabled the location sharing, and for about 1 minute, it worked for all the phones. Then location sharing went to 'location not available' again for both of their phones. I have reset, rebooted and toggled location services in Settings for all 3 iphones. I can repeat this at any point - toggling the sharing off then on again works for about a minute, then disables itself on both the other phones.

They all have completely separate iCloud logins and share no common accounts other than Family Sharing is switched on for all 3 iCloud accounts. Jan 4, PM. Jan 7, PM in response to andy. I"ve got the exact same issue as Andy Dickens I've googled, tweeted and tried everything to get it working correctly again but no success so far! The family I'm sharing my location with are experiencing the problem too The strange part is that when location says "No location Available" in imessage, it usually is still showing the correct location in "Find my Friends App" and I've also noticed that location in iMessage and Find my Friends are not synced with each other??

Jan 7, PM. I understand that when you attempt to share your location in Messages, the other person cannot see your location. Find my Friends: Share your location in Messages. Sep 13, PM. I had this same problem. I turned off both my iPad and iPhone.

Top 3 Messenger App Problems on the Apple Watch

Rebooted iPhone; turned off location sharing - rebooted again. Turned it on and turned on location sharing and it was working again. Dec 1, AM. Jan 11, PM in response to pinkpinkfizz In response to pinkpinkfizz. I fixed my problem after I realized that both the other 2 phones had been recently upgraded from iphone 5's.

How to duplicate APPS on iOS 10 - iOS 10.3.3 - without a COMPUTER

I removed the previous phones from their iCloud device account under Settings, then toggled the Location Sharing off and on again. It has worked ever since. Jan 11, PM. Page content loaded. I'm having the same problem. I have a 5S, my boyfriend has a 6.

We're both on ios 9. We've successfully shared locations for more than a year. Suddenly when looking for his location in text details his constantly says "Not Available". This started right after I lost my phone and we found it using Find iPhone from his Mac. We double checked all settings on both phones and they are correct but I still cannot see his location in Text Details. We are linked as family in iCloud. I dont have any other devices that I can remove from iCloud to test this I can report that it seems to be working again for the moment not that I have any clue why its started again??

Fingers crossed its something Apple were aware of and have managed to fix. Jan 14, AM.

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Aug 12, PM in response to andy. Jan 11, PM Re: Imessage location sharing not working in response to pinkpinkfizz. This worked for me also.

Apple Watch: How to Share Your Location

We lost a phone and insurance sent a replacement, then we found the old phone. We sent the old phone back to Insurance, but the old phone location service wasn't working. I went into iCloud on my computer browser and deleted the Insurance phone, then closed iCloud. Went back to the old phone and went to Settings, then Privacy, then Location services and toggled it off then on. The I went into Messages, clicked on a message to the person I wanted to send the location to, clicked on Details, then clicked on "send my current location".

Apple and Facebook offer location-sharing tools to drop a pin on a map to share your current location, or to let others follow your location in real time as you move around. Google recently added real-time location tracking in Google Maps. And Snapchat last month released an interactive map letting people share their location with friends indefinitely. To share your location, open a text message, tap the information icon and tap Send My Current Location. To broadcast your location, tap Share My Location and choose to share a live update of your location for an hour, until the end of the day or indefinitely.

From there, your friend could follow your location on a map through the Apple Maps or Find My Friends apps. On the map, just tap the blue dot that indicates where you are and tap Share your location.

iOS 13 - Features - Apple (AU)

From there, you can choose to share your location for a set duration, like one hour, or until you turn the feature off. Finally, on Snapchat , with the camera open you can pinch the screen to open a map. From there, you can share your location with all your friends or specific friends.

Your location is represented on the map as a cartoon figure called a Bitmoji. To turn off location sharing, select Ghost Mode. A Snapchat spokeswoman said it was not possible to share your location with people who are not your friends on Snapchat. Location-tracking features have stirred controversy for the last decade. In other words, used carelessly, location tracking may hurt your privacy. But used thoughtfully, it can be a powerful and efficient communication tool. After testing location-sharing tools for two weeks, here are my suggestions for the best times to use them.

For example, I am less inclined to text my partner when I see she is at the office or driving on a freeway, but I am more inclined to text when I see she is at the grocery store to ask her to pick something up.