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The single core score can reflect the pros and cons of the CPU architecture design and the operating frequency. Multi-core scores reflect the efficiency of multiple CPU cores working at the same time. In terms of multi-core, the score of Snapdragon over 10, is already at the highest level of the mobile platform currently installed in mobile terminals. Multiple test scenarios can fully examine the OpenGL ES graphics performance of the device and enable battery life testing.

When the screen runs the test at the native resolution of the device screen, the off-screen is unified to p resolution, which is convenient for cross-device comparison. There are four main test projects: T-Rex, Manhattan 3.

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The pressure is getting higher and higher, and the result is measured by the average frame rate FPS. About Androbench: AndroBench is a benchmark application that measures the 4K random storage and storage performance of Android devices, including internal or external storage. Meizu 16s comes with game mode 3. It is undeniable that the current mobile phone manufacturers have added a three-camera module to the rear of the mobile phone. This has become a trend.

Just as the dual-camera has just emerged in the past, there are still some manufacturers that forcibly stack three shots with limited main shooting capability.

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Earn an eyeball and a gimmick, and there are also manufacturers who do a good job at the high cost of riveting. It is impossible to deny the general trend of the three-shot, but it has not matured at the current stage. Maybe Meizu will launch a three-camera model on a certain day. At present, Meizu still has a kind of obsession with the double camera. As a key point, Meizu 16s will also apply OIS optical image stabilization technology, which is important for night beat stability.

In the outdoor with relatively sufficient light the cloudy day when shooting , the Meizu 16s has ample analytical power, and the lines on the flowers and green plants are clearly distinguishable. If you zoom in, you can even see the details of the edges and the waxy substance.

In terms of color adjustment, Meizu 16s can be felt as moderately adjusted as before. In particular, the saturation has not been done too hard, it can be said that Meizu 16s photos respect the perception of the naked eye.

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The megapixel camera mode switch is placed in the professional model and can be turned on if needed. Earlier we have shown outdoor proofs on a cloudy day with relatively abundant light. Then at night, the light is completely obscured. What is the performance of Meizu 16s in a dark environment?

Next, please see the real shot. In this mode, Meizu 16s is very pure.

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In this mode, Meizu 16s will stack more photos of each exposure value using an algorithm to obtain excellent imaging. In addition, in the software aspect, the camera has a new upgrade, and the integration of the ArcSoft algorithm is more refined. Five, charging battery life: wait for mAh when the battery life is skyrocketing. As we said before, Meizu 16s in the case of pressing the fuselage space, for the fuselage size and Meizu 16th similar Meizu 16s stuffed into the mAh large battery similar to the Meizu 16th Plus.

Next, we will test the endurance of the battery through actual tests. I use the client to play an online barrage video. According to this power-down rate, under the same test conditions, Meizu 16s full power can continuously play online video for more than 10 hours. According to such a power-down rate, under the same test conditions, it is expected that the chicken can be eaten for 6 hours without card insertion, HDR high-definition, and the highest number of frames, which is very smooth for the game party.

Based on the understanding of the design orientation, Meizu 16s does not have the functions of wireless fast charging, and also retains too much at the same price. But the fastest 24W fast charge is at the forefront of the current flagship phone. Through the charging test, we can see the charging situation of Meizu 16s. The most important thing is that the Meizu 16s screen also supports DC dimming — no stroboscopic light at low brightness, even if it is used at night, it will not produce a bad look. As shown in the above figure, the left side of a model that does not use DC dimming will show up under the lens at low brightness.

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Even if it is not visible to the naked eye, it is sensitive to the visual. It is very painful. For graphics applications such as Weibo, the advantages of no bangs full screen can be more obvious: the entire screen space can be effectively utilized, without the interference of non-display areas such as bangs, water droplets, pearls, etc.

On the other hand, by comparing it with another model that uses the bangs screen, you can also feel the immersion of the narrower black screen and the non-display area. Therefore, even if the Meizu mobile phone went to the full-screen era, the Meizu 16s still retains the interactive experience of tapping back and pressing the HOME button.

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Then the question comes, how to restore the original taste of the physical HOME button? In the position of the old oval HOME button now the short horizontal line in the above picture , Meizu placed a mEngine 3. Let the old charm friends who are familiar with Meizu still feel the thrill of the HOME button on the waist. NFC finally returned to Meizu in Meizu 16s.

For the charm friends, the long wait has finally waited until today. The bus card supports the national transportation alliance and the bus credit card of more than cities. Bank cards are currently supported by the Bank of China and the Bank of China. When I am different from the world, it makes me different. I insist on it just for me.

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The most beautiful wishes must be the most insane. I am my own god, in the place where I live. Continue to adhere to the independent personality, and based on this, based on the Meizu 16th steady and comprehensive upgrade is the biggest intuitive impression of Meizu 16s.

Said the appearance, it inherits the contours left by Meizu 16th, in the bangs, water droplets, punching, and other special-shaped screens and mechanical institutions short-lived today, Meizu has become one of the few manufacturers to continue the symmetrical design until today. The Meizu 16s is an old-fashioned person. It was also slow to load several apps.

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Cooke did say Canonical is working on a wireless version of Convergence. The tablet itself has a desktop mode, that acts similarly to how Windows 10 tablets switch. Turning on a paired Bluetooth mouse and keyboard will activate desktop mode automatically. The BQ M10 has a solid build quality. At Not to worry though, as it also has a MicroSD card slot, and an 8-megapixel rear camera to boot. Previous Next.

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