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It runs Android 2. Bulgaria: Globul offers a branded Globul Z3 phone with Android 2. Update to Android 2. It runs on Android 2. The device is called Base Lutea and has a 5. It will be sold by flipkart in online channel. Philippines: Smart Communications began to offer the Blade as the Smart Netphone on September 1, as a platform to launch its 'Smartnet' social network.

Poland: PLAY offer a version with 3. Recently, Optimus provided an update to Android 2.

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TMN offers a customized version with a 5. The exterior design of the device was also changed. A version running Android 2. Switzerland: Orange and Valora offer a version with a 3. Reviews[edit]Reviews of the ZTE Blade have been positive due to the number of features offered while maintaining a low price.

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Please help improve it to make it understandable to non-experts, without removing the technical details. July Learn how and when to remove this template message A Blade without a customized brand name. In the annual handset opinion survey of The Best non-htc Device of , organised by xda-developers forum, the ZTE Blade won a total of Offering various custom ROMs such as de-branded ROMs, for the re-branded devices which remove all software that phone companies put on the device like applications and games, etc.

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  • Users who flash custom ROMs void their warranty and take risks in doing so, however it is possible to restore the original stock ROM. Android 2. Android 4. Orange UK. Retrieved CyanogenMod Forum. TechRadar UK. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In order to keep your device in its best condition, please read this manual and keep it for future reference. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Page 7 Web Accounts Page 9 Video Player Press or hold either end of the key to turn the Volume key volume up or down.

    A microSDXC card can be installed or removed while the phone is turned on. You need to unmount the microSDXC card before removing it. Page 15 2. Then carefully slide the tray back into place. NOTE: Use the charger that comes in-box with your phone to charge the battery.

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    Page 17 2. Connect the charger to a standard AC power outlet. Disconnect the charger when the battery is fully charged.

    NOTE: If the battery is extremely low, the phone may not power on even while charging. You can follow the helpful tips below to conserve your battery power: Use the Power manager feature in Settings. Then touch and follow the prompts to set up Wi-Fi, name, device protection, Google services and other options. While dragging, do not release your finger until you have reached the target position. NOTE: The auto-rotate feature needs to be enabled for the screen orientation to automatically change.

    Simply swipe left or right on the home screen to see the extended panels. You can add or remove home screen panels, or adjust their order. Page 25 To delete a home screen panel: 1. Touch and hold an empty area of the home screen and slide left or right to view the home screen thumbnails.

    Touch on the top right corner of a thumbnail. Touch OK.

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    The items on the panel will also be removed. NOTE: When there is only one home screen panel, you cannot delete it any more. Select the language you need. Setting the Date and Time 1. Changing Ringtone and Notification Sound You can customize the default incoming call ringtone, message tone, and the default notification sound. Switch on or off Dial pad tones, Screen locking sounds, Touch sounds, Vibrate on touch, or Silent boot. Adjusting Volume 1. Touch Normal or Vibrate to switch the phone to vibration or silent mode. Page Applying New Wallpapers To set exceptions for Do not disturb mode: You can set reminders, certain calls and messages as exceptions when Do not disturb mode is on, so these ringtones, sounds and vibration are not turned off.

    NOTE: To set the home screen wallpaper, you can also touch and hold an empty area of the home screen and select the Wallpapers tab. Touch and hold an empty place on the home screen. In the window that appears at the bottom, touch Effects. Pick an effect and the phone will demonstrate how it works. Touch other effects until you find the favorite one. Otherwise, you will have to upgrade the phone software to use the phone.

    See Upgrading the Phone Software. Using Your Fingerprint With the fingerprint sensor integrated in the Home key, you can register up to 5 fingerprints and use them to unlock the phone or open bound apps. Page 34 Set Fingerprint Actions 1.

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    Touch the switch next to Unlock your phone or touch Quick-open app. Page Knowing The Basics Knowing the Basics Monitoring the Phone Status The status bar at the top of the home screen provides phone and service status icons on the right side. Below are some of the icons you may see. Page Managing Notifications Managing Notifications Notification Icons The status bar at the top of the home screen provides notification icons on the left.

    The notification panel also supports expandable notifications that let you perform additional actions right from the notification itself. Page 38 Use Quick Settings The Quick Settings make it convenient to view or change the most common settings for your phone. Open the notification panel and drag the panel downwards to find the following Quick Settings on the screen.