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Data Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth 5. Rated 1 out of 5 by Update your phones from Dont bother. I've had this phone since april and when i first got it thought it was the best phone ever. Just the lack of updates alone make this phone a bad choice.

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As of February 1st still no android 10 and no security updates for 2 months and counting. The blotware is one of the worst I have ever seen on any phone. Way to many apps like Facebook, and crave, can not be deleted. LG's skin on top of android, just horrendous. Sometimes i cant even pull down the top menu it just flickers on screen. Needs a lot of work. If you're not getting this on sale, don't, and if you can, buy a Oneplus device.

Was never more happy with a phone. The timer doesn't even work it hits zero and loops over and starts counting back up so I've burned food twice now because of it. Bottom line is lg is not a company that should be building phones.

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They've been out of the game to long and now they can't barely get they're feet back into the water. Looks and feels nice in hand, but looks aren't everything. Anything it does that another smartphone can't, is purely a gimmick. Last act of a desperate company try to stay in the game. Do your research.

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You can get just as good a phone for half the price. Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by Lin51 from Texting issues I have had this phone about 6 months and all was great until it started not sending texts.. I see someone else had the same complaint.. Rated 2 out of 5 by Budha from A slow phone in about a mounth or 2 First opening uo the box you will smile at the elagance of the shape designn and phone case feature but after a mounth you notcie your phone slowing down the case slides you app page over and over laps apps only know fix to this is restart your phone another thing is little features.

The features on this phone are half as many of what i got on my last and still about the same price. Little details ive knowtice why cant you put quick commands on the app when held like unistall its a little stupid when you have to open settings to unistall apps a little unconventional like my last when you only needed to hold and a prompt of question you get asked one of witch is unistall i am a little dissapointed in this phone only on witch its doesnt not compare the g flex 2 no tap unlock little details missing you should have held onto Still on Android P.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Victoria from Very thoughtful phone! Wow at first I didn't really see why the name was G8 thinq but wow now I see! This phone is soo practical because you can do many things at once with this phone! If you own a business or you are someone that is busy with stuff this phone do the job and is extremely helpful! The person who created that phone was so thoughtful!!!!!! It's more than just a phone it's an iPad , a computer , a Canon camera , a music recorder lol all at once! The greater thing is that they ask you for every company that is trying to look to your phone for example when there's is Facebook adds or wtv adds the phone ask you permission first before than can look at your stuff which some phone don't have this options!

All applause for you guys! Yup good work Date published: I receieved this Lgg8x ThinQ as a gift about 2 weeks ago. The first day i had the phone it worked perfectly.

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After that i cannot receieve or send out texts unless i turn my phone off and on. I have to do this daily. The phone works great so i thought the problem may come from the SIM card, so i went out and got me a new one. My texts came in for a out a few hours and then the problem was back. Besides the texting issues the phone is great and very convenient.. But however, my text that dont send are pretty annoying.

Can anyone assist me on how to fix this problem? Rated 4 out of 5 by lukas from a happy customer but now sad i bought it 2 months ago and was happy but my g8 randomly has a scratch like a tiny crack and i take care of it im so upset cause i loved my phone LG was always my fav but i feel so sad now. The flagship line in the rest of the world. Unfortunately the V30 was the last of that series coming to Canada.

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To be honest I was blown away by the resemblance and improvement in spec sheet data. Other great and really innovative features like 3D TOF sensor facial recognition and palm vein reading with air motion gesture control is tops. I love the sleek look of the entirely smooth front OLED display Gorilla Glass 5 and the dual lens camera on the back is flush with the rear glass which I should mention is Gorilla Glass 6 with the only protrusion being a super small circle for the fingerprint scanner.

This phone is probably close to as much as the consumer needs and wants in a mobile device and will no doubt sell well up here in Canada. Especially considering its similarities to the V40 and even V50 in Korea. I gave it 4 stars only because the only colour available in Canada is black which under certain lighting definitely has a dark and deep blueish hue that's actually really attractive.

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The facial recognition unlock works at light speed and the palm reader and air motion are just as fast. Very impressed by the entire package considering the cost of competing phones on the flagship level. This one's a winner.

Manuals Download LG product manuals and documentation. Help Library Help yourself to useful product information. Product Registration Get the most out of your new purchase. Warranty Info Refer to warranty info. So who knows! With dual-screen accessories on some of its handsets, the staunch keeping of the headphone jack and good quality hardware, these five LG phones are worth considering. Release date: Q2 Weight: g Dimensions: Although it has effectively been succeeded by the LG V40, the G7's lower price and high-end specs help it win out. The phone packs a powerful Snapdragon chipset, giving it about as much horsepower as you could need.

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With 6. It's all rounded out by an glass front and back with a notched display; Overall, the design is uninspired, but serviceable. While LG's AI features are neat in theory, it's really the flexibility offered by the wide-angle camera on the back that helps the device stand out. Release date: Q3 Weight: g Dimensions: The V40 has a 6. On top of that, the phone features a versatile five-camera system with three on the rear and two on the front, even adding in HDR10 video recording. The notched display is another feature it shares with the LG G7. If you're adventurous, the phone's IP68 rating against water and dust along with its MIL-STDG shock resistance are reassuring, so you don't have to worry as much about damaging your investment while out and about.

Release date: April Weight: g Dimensions: