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Google and Apple both have tools to help you manage your screen time on their devices. You can use these features to see how much time you're really spending on your mobile device and which applications you use most often. Apple's "Screen Time" feature on its iPhones can be found under "Settings. Google has built a native "Digital Wellbeing" app into its Pixel phones which provides similar data. It also includes an option to set limitations on usage. For other Android devices, there are a number of apps in the the Google Play store that users can download to monitor their mobile device usage.

It's hard to know how your usage stacks up against the average because Apple does not release any aggregate data that could show trends. However, here in our newsroom, we asked our colleagues to send us some of their own screen-time usage metrics. Product is not for resale or distribution.

LG V40 Impressions: 5 Cameras on a Phone?!

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