In a photo of some white flowers, the RX17 Pro emphasized a tiny amount of pink on the petals to the point where the flowers became mostly pink.

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The selfie camera has megapixels, an artificially intelligent beauty mode, a portrait mode, and some fancy pixel binning technology too. The portrait mode has trouble with extreme edges like glasses, but does blur the background pleasantly.

OPPO R17 Pro First Impressions: TOF 3D stereo camera?!!

Oppo gets close to putting a great camera on the back of the RX17 Pro. Android 8. Things would be improved if Color OS was amazing, but many will dislike its style and how different it is from Android on a Pixel phone , or even Android on a Samsung phone. This less than coherent design makes the RX17 Pro look and feel cheap. There are irritations right from the start.


Out of the box, notification icons do not show in the notification bar at the top of the screen, for example, and only some show up on the lock screen. There are also too many pre-installed apps, from different tools including music and video players, plus Opera as the default browser and Aquamail for email, despite both Chrome and Gmail being installed.

These are decent, but work differently — a center swipe exits apps, a center swipe-and-hold shows open apps, and a left or right swipe goes back. The Oppo RX17 Pro is not lacking in power, despite not having a headline-grabbing processor inside. The Qualcomm Snapdragon zips along, and although some of the animations feel a little drawn out possibly to cover up some speed issues , it has been a strong everyday performer. The RX17 Pro is a feisty performer, and it was never too slow for normal use. This is entirely accurate based on our tests.

Both fingerprint and face unlock security systems are onboard, and the fingerprint sensor sits under the screen. It started off poorly though, and required patience to continue using it, but it paid off. The face unlock is also accurate and fast. The phone is not officially available in the U. In the U. Importing one to the U. For the price, there are better phones available.

The OnePlus 6T has a stronger processor, similarly fast charging, and a decent camera, while the software is considerably superior. The Mi 9 is also excellent, with more power, decent software, and a good camera too.

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This is handy for people who, for example, have professional and personal social accounts. The Oppo RX17 Pro is clearly a solid phone for games. Its screen is sharp, its GB storage offers plenty of room and the phone is powerful. Related: Best mid-range smartphone. It scores per core in Geekbench 4. A Snapdragon phone can expect to achieve around This may in part be down to fast storage and RAM.

Most games run perfectly well at top graphics settings, but Ark: Survival Evolved chugs a little with the resolution maxed and detail set to Epic. The game runs significantly better on a OnePlus 6T. The difference in raw graphics power significant. The Oppo RX17 Pro has three cameras on its back.

It narrows the lens aperture in bright conditions. The third camera is a Time of Flight ToF model, which works in concert with a laser array to help judge the distance of objects in a scene.

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Related: Oppo Reno 10x Zoom review. As such, this hardware would be far more useful on the front of the Oppo RX17 Pro. The ToF camera will likely spend most of its life just sitting there, not doing a great deal. A greater number of handsets are beginning to include ToF cameras now — including the Honor View 20 — which suggest we may see more development of Android AR soon.

Oppo RX17 Pro review: The future of fast-charging

The ToF camera will also come into its own when, or if, the phone receives an update to Android 9. Related: Best camera phones. This camera is nothing like the ultra-versatile Huawei Mate 20 Pro in terms of image composition. However, it does have advanced low-light skills. The Auto HDR is effective and natural-looking too. But this is still a good, if not exactly class-leading, camera. This camera seems quite prone to greasy lens syndrome, leading to light smears such as this.

Give the lens a wipe if you see this. The Night mode takes seconds and can make night images appear much brighter and clearer. When shooting video, you can choose between 4K and p or p if you must , and each has its own benefits. However, in low light, the clarity of 4K is actually superior, which may seem odd when lower resolutions should, in theory, allow for greater sensitivity.

Best Oppo Mobiles : Latest and New Top Oppo Mobile Phones

You can also shoot slo-mo footage: fps at p or ps at p. Around the front sits a megapixel selfie camera. It may not beat the best from Huawei — the Mate 20 Pro, for example — but in my own experience it seems to at least be in line with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And, in my opinion, this is actually more useful. Most manufacturers focus either on voltage or current, but Oppo has chosen to max out both. Although it includes a special AR depth camera, until the phone receives an update to Android 9. And how much do you really care about AR anyway?

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