Android audio chain and Bluetooth latency explained

If photography is of the utmost importance to you, it's worth considering spending more cash. The OnePlus 7T has a 3,mAh battery, which survived an impressive 16 hours on our battery drain test. The Pro models have slightly larger 4,mAh batteries, which isn't a huge step up. I don't expect much difference in battery life, particularly when you need to take into account the slightly larger displays that suck up more battery.

Anecdotally, I was able to get a day of mixed-use from the phones before they needed a top up.

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Like all smartphones, I'd want to give them a full recharge overnight. This is great if you forgot to give your phone a boost before heading on a night out. Currently, these three phones do not have a 5G version. The 7T series isn't the only phone range the company launched last year. The OnePlus 7 has a smaller 6. It also has a screen notch to house the front-facing camera and a dual camera on the back with a standard and telephoto lens. The OnePlus 7 Pro meanwhile has a 6.

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These are the main differences We break down the differences in specs, cameras and batteries of OnePlus's 7T line of phones. Andrew Hoyle. OnePlus 7T series design differences The 7T and 7T Pro are unmistakably cut from the OnePlus cloth with their soft blue colours and frosted glass backs. Android's complex audio chain, combined with the already sluggish Bluetooth standard, results in very high latency.

Bluetooth adds in another step. Remember, we also need to convert our audio stream into a codec format, which requires yet more buffers. This data then has to be queued, packaged, and sent over the Bluetooth hardware. Perhaps surprisingly, data conversion for codecs is very fast. For example, aptX encoding is done in under 2ms.

Overall, Android system latency for wireless audio can be in the region of ms, a further ms or more for the Bluetooth data transfer, and just 2ms for the actual audio conversion. The graph details how each of our four Android handsets handled each codec. Certainly not ideal for real-time content.

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Its average Bluetooth latency is a staggering ms, almost double that of the Google Pixel 3. It also shows considerable variance in Bluetooth latency, averaging 47ms between its fastest and slowest delay. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is certainly better, but also exhibits a lack of consistency in its Bluetooth latency. This will be frustrating for real-time content. The explanation for these differences harkens back to the Android audio chain discussed earlier. The bottom line is that Android does not offer a fast track, low latency wireless audio path that is guaranteed to work across all handsets.

However, aptX offers a lower typical variance of just LDAC scores similarly, offering ms of latency, although some devices saw very high variance when using the kbps high-quality setting.

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AAC is the worst performer across these Android devices. Average latency clocks in at ms. You can go back by swiping up from the left or right side of the screen. With the OnePlus 6, you have plenty of options to customize the gestures to your liking. You have the ability to toggle on the fingerprint camera gesture with a long press, the flip to mute feature which mutes an incoming call by flipping the device, double tap to wake the screen, and more.

You can also control music playback with gestures like drawing a straight line to play or pause.

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You can also set specific letters as gestures in order to enable apps. By choosing an O, V, S, M, or W and the app you want to associate it with, you can trigger the app by drawing the letter on the display when the phone is locked. Other features include the ability to tap the screen twice in order to wake the device, which can be toggled on under Gestures in the Screen off gestures section.

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For those who like to take screenshots, the OnePlus 6 makes it easier. Rather than having to awkwardly hold down two buttons at once to take a screenshot, you can take one by swiping the screen instead.

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For multi-page screenshots, you can also use the expanded screenshot feature. For instance, if you want to screenshot an entire article in one frame, just tap on the rectangular icon at the bottom of the screen once you screenshot the top of the page. With the OnePlus 6, you can use Face Unlock as a form of security. You can also choose to turn on Auto unlock after the screen is on , which unlocks your phone with your face as soon as the screen turns on, without swiping first.

You can also toggle on Face Unlock assistive lighting , which will allow the screen to light up when the camera is having trouble recognizing your face. You can enable these apps by tapping Add apps , and then checking off the specific ones you want to encrypt. Unlike past OnePlus devices, the alert slider is located on the right side of the OnePlus instead of the left and allows you to control notifications.

You can choose from three settings — the top is silent, the middle is vibrate, and the bottom setting is ring volume. Under the Silent category — which silences calls and notifications with no vibration except for alarms — you can toggle on the media button if you want to block notifications while watching videos.

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