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Originally designed to expose anomalies in temperatures for emergency services and construction professionals, it can easily be set up to highlight people potentially running an elevated temperature as they attempt to enter or pass through a congested public or commercial place. Since the camera is integrated into a rugged smart phone it is an extremely easy-to-deploy protection device for businesses, community and family. A sensitive, handheld thermal camera designed to detect heat differentials at distance — it has the potential to be used by border guards, on buses, reception desks, personal protection screening of guests entering a home particularly for especially vulnerable groups , care homes screening visitors, hotels etc.

During this challenging time, we see this as our responsibility to do our bit to tackle the spread of Covid using experience in thermal imaging technology that we have had in market for 4 years. We believe this to be a practical, fast and reliable mobile solution to allow preventative screening for people with unusually high temperatures as they enter anything from a small office or shop to a major transport network, stadium or prison. Those identified can then be tested medically and provided with the necessary assistance. Though standalone thermal cameras are available, the thermal camera integrated into the Cat S61 and also Cat S60 offer a number of key advantages:.

Designed and built to be extremely tough and robust, making them suitable for use in any environment, indoors or outdoors. They can be easily cleaned and disinfected and can be fully submerged in hot water with soaps, detergents or even bleach. They are connected devices.

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As smartphones, thermal imagery or other data collected can, where necessary, be shared, streamed or screen-mirrored via WiFi or cellular data connections. Tap the temperature gradient icon fourth icon in from top left so the visible temperature bar appears to the right of the screen.

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Tap the lower temperature at the bottom of the chart to edit and lock it. The display will now only show temperatures between these two temperatures.

How to Read IMEI Number in HUAWEI P Smart Z – IMEI & Serial Number

And save. Works if you know your network settings. Show 1 more comment. Ivaylo Ivanov urpa4a. Just if you use the CM security, there you have an option called lockApp on default this lock the WiFi, when you choose to not lock the WiFi, gone alright. Yes, it was helpful! That's clear my phone cache, i think and Wi-Fi work properly now. It helps in Russia and i think it will help with any version of Huawei phone. CM phone manager scan is what killed my wifi, bluetooth and FM radio, it was working fine till I decided to do the scan. Andy North andy I checked this by doing a restart and all was still ok.

Hope it works for you. AlEe aaaaqockerz. Jur van Dam. I was struggling with the same problem. Asked Huawei for an answer. They told me to make a backup and a factory reset. I have android 6. Here you will find the option 'network reset'. Use this option and the problem is gone :-D.

Go to your "wifi settings". At the bottom right of the screen on the P8 lite there is a three line button.

Common Huawei Mate 20 Pro problems, and how to fix them

Hit that and go to "Advanced settings". Go to the option for wifi when asleep or whatever it is. Nick Powell nick I had this problem for several days 'Network Access Denied' and tried all the fixers to no avail until I found a Wi-Fi update in my Notifications, applied this update and Wi-Fi scan could see many access points but still would not connect to my router.

Powered back on and now its working. I am happy and the sun is shining. Hope this helps. I had same problem danied access to network and then try everything about this wipe partition , clear data And reset factory all this solution didn't fix my mobile but I get the solution follow this steps :. Horatio ecutune. If you restart the phone and the Wifi does not work, then try backing up, earasing and reinstalling. If the hat does not work, call the helpline in your area for service center as the problem would be internal hardware.

Lenny Will. As I activated 2. DefCoups XX. Well, i have same problem with my GR5 , i can't connect to our office wifi. I thought the problem was my phone so I tried resetting it but still nothing happened. Then I tried asking help from an officemate and it turned out that my phone was put on a blacklist on the wifi setting. After he deleted my device on the blacklist, i can now connect to the wifi again. Salar Khalilzadeh.

Easy hack. On your router setup, go to wifi settings, select advance, on the 2,4Ghz network select 20 MHz, sure it says 40 MHz right now, save the setting and apply. Now your wifi works on Huawei phone. Hanchen hanfer. I have tried all of the above and no luck. I am giving up, any help will be appreciated. We are running a wifi router with a sim card at home.


All devices connected except my p8 lite Jim Jim. Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index. Qerim B qizzey Rep: 49 2 2 1. I hope you can help, Thank you.

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View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score I have this problem too :- Is there anything we can do to fix it.??

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Hi, Read on another site about a P8 not a P8 Lite. Me to but if I go to wifi my phone shows no wifi names. The budget option, covered by our Lifetime Warranty. Cut repair costs, not quality. Chosen Solution.

How to make screenshot Huawei P smart Z -

I found a simple solution and it worked. Switch off your Huawei device. Wipe the cache partition again. Reboot your phone. Connect a headphone to your device which is used as an antennae Play FM for a couple of seconds. Remove the headphone and turn on your WIFI. It worked for me and I am sure it will for you!!! Was this answer helpful? Connecting but with very low browsing rate Hi, I tried this option but still doesnt help. It works. Even without connecting to FM. Its contenting but again after some time disconnecting, also IP address comes unavailable.