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Talking about cameras the P30 Pro has three cameras on its back. If you have lost your phone or it is stolen. This guide will make you accustomed to the first few steps that you need to take as your phone is lost or stolen. So you can get it back before someone else gets his hands on it. Or before someone takes it away somewhere out of your reach and turns it off. In this guide, we will use an Android-based service named Google find my device.

It allows you to remotely access your phone and its location.

How to fix Huawei P30 GPS not working | GPS location issues

This service works on all Android phones. All you need is your email ID and password that you used to set up your Huawei phone. Google find my phone not only allows you to see the current location of your phone on Google Maps. It also lets you lock your phone and set a new password on it. You can also use this service to make your phone ring at full volume if it is lost inside the office or home but it is on silent.

First 10 things every Huawei P30 Pro owner should do

If you are sure that your P30 or P30 pro is lost forever or stolen by someone. You can delete all the data present in it using Google Find my Device. I hope this guide helped you to recover and locate lost Huawei P I understand that these methods have some limitations and constraints which the people who steal your phone also understand.

So the first thing they do is turn off the phone. So, it gets really hard to get your phone back. Make sure to delete all the data present in it.

Turn GPS on your Huawei P30 Pro Android 9.0 on or off

Also, inform your carrier provider or police to lock your phone using the IMEI number. You can find IMEI of your phone on the box of your phone. If I can be of any help, drop a comment below or you can write to me on facebook.

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As with the Mate 20 Pro, the sensor is slightly slower than the sensor in the P20 but is on-par with the likes of the OnePlus 6T. Set up your fingerprint 1. Set up your fingerprint 2. Install SystemUI Tuner 3.

Phone Clone 4. Install a Launcher 5.

Anything that you can do…

Configure motion control 6. Manage App Launch settings 7. Disable HiSense 8.