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Open Windows Media Player and synchronize music, picture, and video files. Touch the card name in the Portable storage section. Touch Done. The feature needs data connection on a mobile network and may result in data charges. Page 70 3. Switch on Bluetooth tethering. Your computer is now sharing your phone's data connection.

You can get this information from your network administrator. Add a VPN 1. Touch at the top right corner and fill in the information provided by your network administrator. Page Phone Calls Phone Calls You can place calls from the Phone app, the Contacts app, or other apps or widgets that display contact information. Wherever you see a phone number, you can usually touch it to dial. Answering or Rejecting Calls When you receive a phone call, the incoming call screen opens, displaying the caller ID or the information about the caller that you've entered in the Contacts app.

You can answer or reject the call, or reject it with a text message. It provides a convenient way to redial a number, return a call, or add a number to your contacts. If the dialpad is closed, touch to display it. Touch and hold the 1 key in the dialer. If prompted, enter your voicemail password. Follow the voice prompts to listen to and manage your voicemail messages. Because of higher volume levels, do not place the phone near your ear during speakerphone use.

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Managing Multi-party Calls When the call waiting and three-way call features are available, you can switch between two calls or set up a conference call. NOTE: The call waiting and three-way call features need network support and may result in additional charges. Place the first call.

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Once you have established the connection, touch dial the second number. This puts the first caller on hold. Page 80 Configure Auto-Answer You can configure your phone to answer calls automatically when you are not in a call.

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Check Auto-answer to turn on this feature. Touch Time to wait before auto-answering a call to set the wait time. Page Bar Certain Calls 3. Configure voicemail settings. Touch Service to select the voicemail service provider.

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Check Vibrate to enable vibration for notification. Set Sound and Vibration Set the sound and vibration for incoming calls as well as dialpad sounds. Touch the VoLTE voice calling to turn it on or off. Display Options for Unanswered Outgoing Calls When this feature is enabled, you can choose options displayed Page Contacts Contacts You can add contacts on your phone and synchronize them with the contacts in your Google account or other accounts that support contact syncing.

From there, you can touch the tabs on the top of the screen to quickly switch to contact groups or the Phone app. Enter the contact name, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information. Touch Save. If a profile has already been set up, touch the existing profile below My profile and touch 3.

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Check the contacts you need and then touch Import. Import Contacts From the Storages 1. Page Working With Favorite Contacts 4. The phone will prompt you with the name of the vCard file and the directory in which the file will be saved. Touch OK to create the file. Share Contacts 1. Scroll through the list to view the groups you have created. Touch a group to view its members. Touch OK to disband the group. The contacts in the group will not be deleted. Edit a Group 1. Touch a contact you need to edit and then touch 3. Edit the contact and touch Save.

Set a Ringtone for a Contact Assign a special ringtone to a contact, so you know who is calling when you hear the ringtone. Page 93 Join Duplicate Contacts As your phone synchronizes with multiple online accounts, you may see duplicate entries for the same contact.


You can merge all the separate information of a contact into one entry in the contacts list. You may also add other kinds of accounts depending on the apps installed on your phone. Add an Account 1. Touch and check or uncheck Auto-sync data. Touch the account category and then the account. The Sync screen appears, showing a list of information the account can sync. Touch the Enter a message field and enter the message text. If you want to send a multimedia message, touch add a subject or attach a file to the message.

On the Messaging screen, touch the thread that has the message you want to forward. Touch and hold the message and then touch Forward in the menu that opens. Enter a recipient for the message and edit the content if you want. On the Messaging screen, touch a thread. Check the boxes of the messages you want to delete. Delete Message Threads 1.

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It also works with the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync calendar once you sign into your Exchange account on the phone. To open Calendar, touch in the home screen and select Calendar. Find the event you want to edit, delete, or share. Open its details screen see View Event Details in this chapter. Do one of the following as you need. To edit the event, touch. You can also open the browser by touching a web link - for example, in an email or a text message. Page Downloading Files To switch between tabs: 1.

Touch the number in the icon indicates the number of opened tabs. Titles of opened tabs appear as a list. Touch the title you want to open. Downloading Files 1. Touch left of the address bar. In the Bookmarks tab, touch the bookmark you want to open. Edit a Bookmark 1. In the Bookmarks tab, touch and hold the bookmark you want to edit and select Edit bookmarks. Changing Browser Settings You can configure a number of settings to customize the way you browse the web, including several that you can use to control your privacy.

Page Camera Camera You can use your phone to take photos and record videos. You can copy them to your computer or access them in the Gallery app. Capturing a Photo 1. Page Number Function Switch between the front and back cameras. Set a time delay before the camera takes a picture automatically after you touch the shutter icon. Change the flash setting, only available for the back camera. Page Recording A Video 3. Touch the area where you want the camera to focus, or leave the camera to autofocus on the center of the image. You can also touch and hold the focal point to lock it.

Touch and hold the square to lock exposure. NOTE: Some camera and video options will change in different camera modes. Watermark: Apply a watermark to your photos. Page Anti-banding: Available for the back camera.