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Now with android 8 i'm running in big troubles with Locus, it's no more useable for tracking in background. Always killed within a few minutes always on my device. I'll post here any news if I find something. For now, thanks all for the help and please be a little patience with me, thanks! I think you propably know it, that Locus is only killed, when recording is ON.

I tried to find the process, if it has its own rulety for battery optimization, but i can't find anything Recording stops after minutes. I disabled all battery management optimiations from the system for Locus Maps. I use no other battery saving apps but recording still stops after some time. There are important changes for background services in Android 8. See the following link:. I don't know how Locus Maps service is implemented but this info may help. Another subject is that Locus Maps has a targetSdkVersion of This should be set to 26 in the near future.

Locus is already ready for Android 8.

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Interesting for me is how you found out that Locus has defined target to 25?? I've just for sure checked target apk to new 26 API, but it make no difference here, unfortunately. Be sure that really that service module that does the tracking is started as foreground service. In older Android versions it was enough to start one service as a foreground service to keep the complete app alive. With Android 8. This is new to Android 8. In older Android versions always the whole process was stopped. About foreground service Every foreground service has a permanently visible notification in system panel slide from the top of the screen.

It cannot be removed during active service. So for example live tracking, track recording, Locus as a service and some other are all separate foreground services,. And "Google services assisted location", yes, it enables using Fused location provider available over Google Play services instead of good old "Location manager". I will try later with Fused location provider. The one thing I haven't tested for all.

Maybe it will help on the Nokia 7 Plus. If this will not help I will try to switch off the Oreo background manager though Locus Map is on the whitelist so it should not be managed. It is really strange. Google Fit for example seems to work without any problems recording a track. We are also having troubles with Nokia phones. Nokia is also killing some apps with there power saving app.

I believe that all devs that needs background-running-gps-service face this stupid problem, so welcome on board. Seems that solution on Nokia devices is removing certain app from device. We both agree that this is something we cannot expect, users will do. Anyway thanks for the link! As you read here, on some devices, this issue is already solved by system update. I use for work Honor 10 and unfortunately here, no update so far.

Seems we have to be patient. Yes, i agree that this is something we cannot expect from our users. For the moment we fixed the issue on Nokia phones with a workaround. I'm trying to do something similar for Huawei devices. I found out that may the Huawei background task freezer ash is causing this problem. But i haven't foun any solution for now.

I tried to make locus pakage on white list with adb but but same problem After do this. Locus crashed. With recording and without recording. After some minutes locus ist of. I am angry about oreo and huawei.

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I think with oreo 8. I am sad about it. I had a lot of fun with locus km through germany. Now i havent the possibility to use locus. And i have taken a lot of time to find a way to fix : my device is huawei mate 9. I worked on it till 3 at night and since morning again whole day.

No matter what I try, Locus is always terminated.

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Endomondo is the only app that seems to be able to keep alive, on the second side, it lost GPS after few minutes so it also does not record correctly. I started writing on Huawei support and will keep writing every few hours. Hope there will be an answer. Problem is huawei Support said to me that the problem is from app like locus or komoot.

They said to me the apps are not from us so it is not our problem. I was so angry. I told them that they will lost a lot of User and in Future i will buy another device. After that i didnt get a answer of them. I have tried some "map-apps". The most are stopped by the system, but this app "Hiking map Poland" indeed records when I switch off the screen. Tested it about 15 minutes at home. Tomorrow I will check it on my way to work. So there must be a solution for Locus Map, too, I think. Indeed, it seems to work.

I'm checking its code, but do not see anything useful. The only difference is its compilation to target API I tried it also based on Markus suggestion and it may have a small difference. Good morning, it was running for about 20 minutes, but as you can see on the screenshot, from Dortmund to Essen where I've switched on the phone there is only a line. And I've gone to work by car, not by plane :- So, it also doesn't work See attachments.

Now it closes after a few minutes.

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There was no update done to the phone's software. But Locus did update. Maybe a glitch somewhere? I tried it. Locus works 15 minutes in background than it was close from oreo. I checked again today, but these two apps have been running well in the background for hours on my Mate 10 Pro:. So seems to be a same problem. I've already tested maybe 10 well known apps and they all do not work correctly.

Even Endomondo etc.

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I've improved Locus my test version so now it seems not to be killed by system, but track recording is still paused because whole device is put into some super-sleep mode and all apps stops to react. I'm still trying Is there an official "complaint" site for huawei?

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Maybe we should all write them about the issue. Other than that, yesterday I was trying to test. I then removed "Service Mode" in Locus and installed "Cafffeine" - it is supposed to keep the device awake. I was able to record for some 20minutes I manually stopped the recording, as I got inside. Maybe this helps Since the last update it is working on my oneplus 6. But before I had the same issue than on huawei devices. I used komoot an locus in middle of May and it worked better.

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