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Even though OnePlus no longer uses the motto, they still embody the spirit of "Flagship Killer. From all the rumors and leaks so far, the OnePlus 8 Pro 5G will continue this tradition and will likely be one of the best phones in Something entirely new for many people is where the future of navigation is headed — gestures. Gesture navigation not only gives you more screen real estate, but it allows for a seamless experience without needing to lift your finger as much.

OnePlus knows you want to tap less and do more, so they added a quick camera gesture you should be aware of to make your experience that much better. Smartphones have so much sensitive information attached to them. If you share your home with others, then you know the pains of trying to keep anything private. Photos are surely among the things you'd prefer to keep to yourself, so OnePlus has you covered. The Facebook app only supports one account being logged in at a time — but what if you need one for work and one for your personal life?

That would normally involve logging out and logging in every time you need to switch accounts, but your OnePlus device offers a much better solution. You might prefer a dedicated button, whether physical or digital, to bring up your digital assistant. Pixel phones have the squeeze function to bring up the assistant, but what about OnePlus phones?

Luckily, OnePlus has included a feature that uses your power button to act as your assistant button of sorts. By default, most Android phones will instantly lock once you turn the screen off with the power button. Doing so is a surefire way to secure your device when you walk away, but what if there was another way to accomplish this even faster?

If you're using the OnePlus Launcher on your OnePlus phone, there's something you can do to lock your phone instantly without pressing the power button. One of the more interesting power-related features for OnePlus phones is the ability to schedule a time to turn it, off then back on again.

While OnePlus phones typically run blazingly fast, you can still benefit from the RAM clearing and process killing that a reboot provides. And since you can schedule this to happen overnight, you can wake up to a refreshed, restarted phone every morning. Spam calls are one of the most annoying things to happen in the world of smartphones for more than one reason. Not only are they bothersome, but they can also be dangerous to people who don't know any better. Google has come up with a crafty solution known as "Call Screen" to let the Google Assistant handle the call for you while you listen in on the caller like a stealth ninja.

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Pixels and other near-stock Android phones have the Google Feed baked into their home screen, but sadly, the default OnePlus Launcher doesn't. Even more disappointing is the fact that the OnePlus Launcher actually has the Google Feed code built into it, but it's not activated. Let's change that. Multiple methods can be used to update OnePlus phones, but if you're rooted with TWRP installed, you might want to try this one out for yourself.

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The update method outlined in this guide works like a charm while maintaining your root status after an OTA update. One of the best parts about it — you don't have to rely on a computer like you did when you rooted the first time around. OxygenOS is often described as one of the best skins for Android on the market.

It's fast, clean, and has a ton of useful features that appeal to just about everyone. However, it's also faced a significant issue for the longest time — overly aggressive battery optimizations that frequently kill background apps, including Gmail services. One of the standout features of the OnePlus 7 Pro is the 90 Hz display. A higher refresh rate means smoother gameplay for all your favorite games, which is precisely what you'd want out of your gaming experience.

However, not all games play nicely with these higher refresh rates — but luckily, there's a pretty simple fix. The OnePlus 7 Pro is an outright beast. From the highly rated display with minimal bezels to the 90 Hz refresh rate, there's no denying this phone is great for gaming. Although not explicitly marketed as a gaming phone, it seems OnePlus unintentionally created one by cramming in great specs and game-friendly software features like Fnatic Mode.

In this era of smartphones, we all know very well how easily we can get addicted to our devices. Spending hours each day doing the endless scroll through Facebook and other social media sites just because we feel like we'll miss something if we don't. OnePlus has established a cycle of releasing a new phone every six or so months, but it always only sells one phone at a given time.

Your low-light photos on the OnePlus 6 are about to get a whole lot better. Nightscape, a software feature announced at the OnePlus 6T launch, is similar to other low-light modes that have come to flagships this year and combines multiple exposures to achieve an image with less noise, better color accuracy, and more accurate dynamic range.

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The feature will come in a software update For OnePlus 6 owners in the coming months. According to a new report from Counterpoint Research, OnePlus has surpassed Samsung in premium smartphone sales in India for a full quarter — largely due to strong sales of the OnePlus 6. The report notes that Samsung, OnePlus, and Apple contributed to a hefty 88 percent of the Indian smartphone market — down from 95 percent only one quarter ago. The shift is largely due to strong sales from companies like Huawei and Nokia. OnePlus was also the fastest growing brand during the quarter, with a massive percent increase in phone sales in India.

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The OnePlus 6 is to thank for the increase, with the phone itself snapping up a 30 percent share of the Indian premium phone market. The OnePlus 5T also contributed, coming in as the third highest-selling premium smartphone with 10 percent of the market. Behind OnePlus are Samsung and Apple.

OnePlus announced a new color option for the OnePlus 6 on July 1. The OnePlus 6 Red, a stunning addition to the existing lineup of black and silk white, uses special coatings to increase gloss, clarity, and depth. In the images and video, it looks fantastic. According to that same statement, this makes the OnePlus 6 a much faster seller than the previous OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 5 , which also managed to hit a million units each — but only three months after release for each.

As much as we may hate to admit it, the notch is a popular addition to modern smartphones. This exploit makes it easy for someone with physical access to the phone to easily take control.

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OnePlus has issued a statement acknowledging the bug and says that a fix is on the way. The news made its rounds on the OnePlus subreddit and the XDA Developers forums before being officially confirmed in a statement reported by Piunika Web. OnePlus said the feature had been removed due to concerns over battery life. OP Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Apr Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: May Join Date: Joined: Jul I'm just imaging the thief browsing this thread taking tips on how to make his new phone usable That's awful, I bough it not even 1 month ago, I can't believe.

I hope they cannot unlock the phone and leave somewhere so I can recover it. Subscribe to Thread.

My OnePlus 6 was STOLEN! Full Story

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