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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Smartphone Review: Pseudo Gaming SoC meets 64-MP Cam

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We performed further tests on the GW1 sensor under controlled lighting conditions.

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We used the ColorChecker passport in order to analyze the color accuracy of the MP optics relative to the reference colors. Unfortunately, the Note 8 Pro does not do a very good job of representing the colors. Blue, green and brown tones in particular show significant deviations. Fonts on dark backgrounds appear slightly fuzzy in our test chart and the edges of the image lack sharpness in some areas.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro review

The sharpness could be slightly better overall as well, even in the center. Aside from the Redmi smartphone itself, the package contents include a USB cable, a protective case and a modular W charger. Neither one is included by default and merely a service provided by our lender. The warranty period is 12 months. Apart from the manufacturer's warranty, TradingShenzhen gives its customers the opportunity to mail the device to a German address in a warranty case.

This way, time-intesive shipping to China can be circumvented within the first 12 months for the Chinese version. The 6. The integrated fingerprint sensor on the back can also be used to quickly and reliably unlock the Note 8 Pro. The time for the display to wake up from standby mode is very short as well. However, the position of the sensor is unusual. Even after getting accustomed to it, fingers will occasionally land on a camera lens by accident. While the FaceUnlock feature of the front camera works reliably, it is only based on simple 2D facial recognition.

The LC display of the Note 8 Pro measures The native resolution and size of the IPS panel amount to a pixel density of just below PPI, which ensures that display contents appear sharp. Additionally, we determined the brightness level for an evenly distributed portion of dark and bright areas APL If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured.

That said, the contrast ratio of 1, is above average mainly due to the high maximum brightness. The results of our APL 50 measurements marginally increase the contrast ratio to 1,, since the black value remains constant for evenly distributed bright and dark areas. We also performed color analysis on the display, using a spectrophotometer and the CalMAN software.

The color 4.

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At 7, kelvins, the color temperature of the display is too cool as well - this becomes apparent in the form of a faint blue tint in practice. Outdoors, the Redmi smartphone makes a very good impression presently. Thanks to the rather high luminance of the IPS panel, display contents are clearly discernible in winterly conditions.

However, with the ambient light sensor enabled, display contents can be read even in direct sunlight. The colors of the IPS panel barely change and the observed brightness remains reasonable even when viewing the display from extreme angles. On the bottom edge of the screen, uneven illumination can be observed at maximum brightness. The Taiwanese manufacturer's Helio G90 series mainly tries to appeal to gamers and comes with integrated liquid cooling in the case of the Redmi cell phone.

Animations are smooth and there is barely any stuttering.

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However, the performance somewhat falls off during multitasking. Furthermore, demanding applications such as games are not immediately removed from the cache, due to the rather large amount of RAM. In our suite of benchmarks, the Redmi smartphone was able to claim first place. The benchmarks put the Note 8 Pro ahead of the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE with the Snapdragon - the results of the synthetic tests put it approximately one category above the Qualcomm chipset. Browsing the web with the Redmi Note 8 Pro is enjoyable. The separately installed Chrome browser allows users to quickly and smoothly navigate even complex web pages.

The relatively fast UFS 2. Compared to the competition, the Redmi smartphone may achieve significantly higher read and write speeds in some cases. We also took a closer look at the microSD card slot. These results are typical for a smartphone in this price segment. The Helio G90 series was supposedly created with gamers in mind, the installed Mali-G76 MP4 only integrates a third of the clusters that the Exynos in the Samung Galaxy S10 integrates, however. Thus, the graphics unit of the Helio G90T is less well-suited to gaming, at least judging from the specifications.

In order to take a closer look at a few demanding games from the Play Store, we used the app GameBench. We did not observe major dropoffs in terms of the frame rate. That said, the graphics unit of the Note 8 Pro is not particularly future-proof. Similarly, the noticeable heat development of the Note 8 Pro under load negatively impacts gaming. We used the battery test of GFXBench to observe the performance behavior of the Redmi smartphone under prolonged stress. The Manhattan 3. The performance level fluctuations can be as high as 20 percent.

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As a consequence, the Note 8 Pro is likely to suffer from a performance dropoff during prolonged gaming sessions. Our stress test also caused the mid-range phone to show us an overheating notification. As with the smaller sibling Note 8 , the Note 8 Pro uses an ultra linear speaker. However, the mono speaker only achieves a disappointing maximum volume level of 79 dB A.

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Our measurements further indicate a frequency progression that is not very linear in terms of the mid tones and very high frequencies fall off significantly as well. Bass is not present on the sound stage.

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  • Users who want a more accurate sound representation should use wired or wireless headphones. Apart from the traditional 3. The audio output is clear and powerful. The Redmi smartphone has a large 4, mAh battery, which can be fully recharged within 2 hours thanks to Quick Charge. The Note 8 Pro is not a particularly economical device.