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The Galaxy S20, Samsung's all-new phone, was just recently released for pre-order which means it's a fantastic time to find deals on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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To help you wade through all the different offers, we've listed the best Samsung Galaxy S10 prices and deals that are available online. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was released in , and while it may no longer be the phone that everyone's talking about, you can still appreciate its high tier screen, design, and included stylus.

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Packing specifications that rival top-of-the-line hardware and nearly matching …. More posts about Samsung.

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You Might Like. Updated March It can also control some smart home appliances and Internet of Things IoT devices, including smart fridges, TVs, and dozens of other Samsung devices. Just press and hold your power button and Bixby will pop up. If you swipe right across your home screen to access Bixby Home you can access the settings for your interactive cards by tapping the three dots in the top-right and hitting Cards.

Tapping Settings via the same three-dot menu not only allows you change the email address your Bixby Home is tied to but also allows you to change your content providers — specifically, it allows you to send location data to a couple of apps to provide customized and helpful data. Bixby Voice houses most of the settings, and you can access it by tapping your Bixby Key, or by long-pressing your power button.

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Settings allows you to change everything from your voice style, to whether Bixby responds when your phone is locked. Quick commands allows you to tie actions and phrases together. Bixby Voice is like Siri on steroids — in fact, it can rap insults at Siri in Korean.

In addition to the basics, Bixby can also handle complicated tasks like opening an app in a split-screen view, rotating misaligned photos, reminding you where you parked, playing videos on a nearby TV, and composing emails. There are also some pretty sweet hands-free functions via Bixby. In short, Bixby allows you to use your voice to easily complete the most basic tasks on your phone. The company is continually improving the app and adding additional third-party app support and more commands.

Bixby Home can be customized to a degree.

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 prices and deals for March 2020

You can alter or pin cards by tapping the two lines in the upper-right corner of an individual Bixby Home card. If you want to get rid of a card, swipe it to the right and you can choose to hide it for now, dismiss it forever, or cancel your swipe.

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The list of third-party services that support Bixby Home is growing. A Spotify card provides one-tap access to your playlists and music, and full support is on its way.

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