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Of course, equally hampered is your ability to like things and comment on posts. Are you happy making that trade-off? If you have an iPhone, try this: click on settings, then privacy, then location services, system services and frequent locations.

For me, that includes my home, local tube station and office, but also the pub I play Netrunner in, the house of one of my best friends and the comics shop I frequent. How to turn it off: both companies let you turn off location histories from the same pages you can look at yours. And that data is well-used by Uber to reassure customers that their journey is safe: the company will show you your ride history as well as information about your driver which can be crucial for solving disputes or, if the worst happens, ensuring justice.

How to turn it off: the best way would be not to use Uber. How to turn it off: stop using a mobile phone. Did you know that digital photographs contain information about the picture? Known as Exif data, the standard was created to hold stuff that photographers might find useful to know alongside the image, such as the focal length and aperture they used while taking it.

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In September , Facebook was even forced to disable the feature after the Irish data protection commissioner scolded it for doing so without permission. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. The contractors did not know that the messages were taken from Facebook users. Those who came forward with the information wished to stay anonymous, due to fears that they may lose their job as a result of the allegations. They added that the users whose audio was used opted-in by choosing an option in the Facebook Messenger app.

The messages, mercifully, were anonymized throughout the entire process.

  • Facebook paid third parties to transcribe users’ voice messages.
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The contractors that have since come forward with these revelations say that they feel their work is unethical, according to people with knowledge of the matter. This is due to the fact that Facebook never informed users that third parties would be reviewing their audio. While their request for anonymity means that we do not know which company these people work for, one company that is known to work for Facebook is TaskUs Inc, an outsourcing firm based in California. While this news is initially shocking, the more you think about it, the less shocking it becomes. While many may argue that humans checking AI-created audio transcriptions is necessary to ensure accuracy, companies should still inform users when they are using their audio for personal gain.

Source: Bloomberg.

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Keylogger android galaxy note 4

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