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Before we get to the meat of the review, however, it may be worth you checking out the phone's hype-filled launch trailer to get an overview of its looks and capabilities. This version is also available to buy from May 9, Take the Moto G6 out of its box and the first thing that hits you is that Motorola is back as a brand name. The name is emblazoned across the bottom-front-centre of the device, just above the phone's fingerprint reader, and while ideally I like my handset to be as clean and non-adverty as possible, it does look quite classy here.

The next thing you notice is that the G6 is, for a phone at this price point, stunningly wrapped both front and back in glass. The screen gives way at the edges to a smooth, polished aluminium frame and then a lush 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 backplate. The result is a phone that looks incredibly premium and feels very nice in the hand. Buttons and ports-wise you get a volume rocker on the upper right hand side, the device's power button below it, and a USC-C port alongside a headphone jack on the bottom. The phone's dual-sim single-sim variants of the phone also exist and SD card slot is accessed via the top right.

The left hand side of the device is perfectly clean. As aforementioned, the phone's fingerprint reader is located on the front-bottom of the G6, and is a thin, curved at the ends rectangle. While obviously not as unobtrusive as a handset with the reader on the rear, we weren't offended by its size or design, with the phone's bottom bezel of only modest size.

Moto G6 review

While they are noticeable on the G6, they are no where near as bad the worst offenders still out there we're looking at you Xperia XZ Premium , and the phone's tall aspect ratio screen helps mitigate the sense that the display is being encroached upon. The Motorola Moto G6's screen is a 5. It's 1, x 2, resolution screen is very clean and colours are punchy, too, which means that games and movies in particular are pleasurable to experience on the G6. I tried each of these titles on the Motorola Moto G6 and, despite some slight lag and stuttering when things got very busy on-screen, reasons for which we'll get to soon, in no way did I feel the visuals were being compromised or degraded by the phone's screen.

I felt this was true also for streaming movies and TV content from Netflix. Look, I've tested phones with brighter, more vivid screens than the Moto G6, however, crispness and detail was never an issue, even when watching content like the new series of Lost In Space where there are many darker, grainier scenes. So, while firmly put in its place by the best screens out there we're thinking of that gigantic, super bright and vivid Super AMOLED beaut on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus the G6's screen simply does a rock-solid job at presenting both the phone's UI and apps, as well as multi-media content, both of which also benefit from this year's addition of Dolby Audio processing in terms of sound fidelity and immersion.

Como rastrear um celular pelo site da motorola

In terms of hardware the Motorola Moto G6, while perfectly solid and capable in the majority of applications, doesn't really put any wowzers in your trousers so to speak, and this is without doubt the reason for the slightly less than optimal performance in graphically intensive games. This spec combines to deliver a good but unspectacular benchmark score in GeekBench 4 see nearby boxout. Obviously, that phone costs significantly more money, though. Simply put, for the price point the G6 is competitive in terms of hardware spec, if not a run-away leader in the tier.

If you aren't fussed about the extra RAM, but would like a little extra storage space yes, you will want more , then you can also always make use of the G6's ability to take SD cards up to GB. I would suggest that with just about 25GB to play with, this would also be a wise investment, as our 32GB review unit filled up to two-thirds full in the blink of an eye. While the internal hardware of the stock Moto G6 leaves a little to be desired, the camera system certainly does not, especially considering the very affordable price point.

On the front of the Moto G6 is a 8-megapixel selfie camera, too, which also comes with a front-facing flash to help illuminate shots in dark environments. While the rear cameras on the G6 can't shoot at a 4K resolution, they can do p at 60fps and, thanks to a comprehensive snapping suite, offer plenty of potential for creative and quality photos and videos.

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You can shoot slow motion video and timelapse, and there's panorama, portrait, and cutout snapping modes, too, the latter allowing you to automatically shoot something and have the background removed. In addition, the seemingly now standard face filter effect functionality is included, as too a neat "Spot color" mode, which allows you to select a specific colour from your image and then have every other colour made black and white see above image for an example where I preserved the red on the front of T3 magazine.

From my experience testing out the Moto G6 camera, I can confirm that I found it fast and pleasurable to use. It is obviously not the best camera system I have tested here at T3, however, it is important to factor in the handset's low price point, as for this level it is very, very competitive.

Motorola Moto G6 | The Tech Guy

Here are some sample shots taken with its dual rear camera setup. As you can see, colour and detail is good, even on overcast days with relatively flat light, and while processing could be a little better when close-up, the images taken offer plenty of quality and contrast and are fast and easy to take. It is important to remember, though, that you can only shoot in 12MP in a aspect ratio, with the more common ratio dropping that to 9.

Lastly, the Moto G6's camera system comes with both automatic object and landmark recognition capabilities, as well as a fast but not biometric face unlock capability. In terms of tech this means it comes packing a 3, mAh battery. This battery is also compatible with Motorola's version of fast charging, TurboPower Charging technology, which can quickly recharge the device. From our experience with the G6 we can confirm that the battery is certainly in the all-day range and, at least for the first year or so of use I imagine, closer to a day-and-a-half range.

Would I have liked a larger battery? As ever, of course I would. However, again, considering the low price point I'm not sure Motorola could have slotted in anything else and, in fairness, there are much more expensive phones with the same or barely larger batteries. Finally, the Motorola Moto G6 comes running a close-to-stock Android 8.

Como rastrear um celular pelo site da motorola

The additions that this brings is Motorola's always neat gesture controls, such as the ability to twist the phone to launch its camera, and also the Moto Voice AI assistant, which comes alongside support for Google Assistant, too. Completing your mobile service activation Transferring my data to my new mobile phone Transferring my current phone number to my new mobile phone.

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