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Our full body protectors are no longer an option. IT SAW.

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OnePlus is a dark horse that took the mobile world by storm. With the state-of-the-art skin customizer, you are all set to experience full freedom to choose the preferred custom skin texture. Before you could ask, we are ever so proud to tell you that only the best quality 3M vinyl materials are used in the making of OnePlus skins. So, what are you waiting for? Get a stylish skin today! But take a second to imagine actually using your new phone. Can you really keep it from getting scratched or dented? You can replace a cracked screen or a broken phone, but can you tolerate the tiny scratches?

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Our Galaxy skins are engineered to offer the required add-on grip and they wrap perfectly around your device, reducing the possibility of slippage. Our premium custom skins cover the back of your phone by offering protection to your device from nicks and scratches. And as an added advantage, it eliminates fingerprints so that you need not worry in having those greasy impressions on the back of the phone.

You have just realized the plight of having an iPhone 11 : impending permanent scratches and greasy fingerprints. But you can just relax, Just wrap up your device and say no to fingerprints with our skins. Amaze onlookers and dazzle co-workers with a fresh new texture. And just so you know, we use only the highest quality premium 3M materials in making our skins. Xiaomi phones are some of the most convenient options anyone can find. Being the key source of affordable but powerful phones, their versatility eventually carved out a nice large share of the Smartphone market for themselves.

So with incredible precision, exquisite textures, premium colors, and high-tech ultra-thin materials; you can see why people would choose us over any other option. While adding zero bulkiness, skins customized with our futuristic customization tool speaks for itself. Our customization tool is interactive, super-fast, and limitless. You will also get an exact preview of how your phone looks when wrapped in our super grippy skins.

Go ahead; choose from among the umpteen true texture skins to wrap your Poco F1 or your Xiaomi A3 phone in protection. Our Huawei Honor skins are made with 3M materials, the best in the world. Our Huawei Honor skins do more than just protect your phone. Your skin will be custom-made to your desires, turning your Huawei Honor phone into a grand fashion statement. Get your Huawei Honor skins now, before the scratches get you!

But hey! The Macbook Pro skins are made from world class 3M materials and are cut with absolute precision. You will also be able to preview any skin you wish by just selecting your device and choosing your customization options.

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The Gadgetshieldz skin not only protects your device from minor bumps, but also helps increase the resale price when you decide to upgrade later. Screen Protectors. While Broadcom stated their chip would be used in smartphones, none of these phones where US-bound. So now, Americans have their first real option in the OnePlus 7 Pro. All of this means users traveling in the US and Europe need not to worry about cities and large buildings interfering with navigation accuracy, as their phone will precisely track them throughout their journey.

When you take into account all that the OnePlus 7 Pro is offering, how you can look elsewhere?

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And with it offering something no other US smartphone includes in dual frequency GNSS, it's providing even more value. Get The Newsletter. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest. Not yet. But it will never let them settle. It looks better, it feels better and has that extra camera in a futuristic-looking dome. But, you'll need to cough up more than the you spent on the 7 - more, to be precise.

But in practice, the OnePlus 7T might be a better phone without these things. It's not a bad phone, but there's room for improvement.

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OnePlus 7T review: A value-for-money smartphone marred by software glitches Source: Business Standard At Rs 37, for the base variant with GB storage, the OnePlus 7T is a smartphone rich in specifications, but it needs some software polishing. It's a great phone with a great camera. It has the best chipset that you can buy, UFS 3. You will absolutely love this phone. I just think that you're still better off with the OnePlus 7 Pro, even though it also doesn't have wireless charging. It should be the phone you get even if money is no object.

This one has all of the good aspects of the 7 Pro but forgoes the curved-glass, bezel-less display for something more traditional, and more usable. Superlative software, a versatile camera system, and excellent performance make for one of the best phones of the year so far. The design is subtle but eye-catching, enhanced by the fourth-gen frosted matte glass finish.

But while it's an incredible bit of kit, a handful of bugs and the odd feature omissions stop it from being the ultimate smartphone in There are tons of other minor improvements, and it all makes up for a more refined and reliable overall smartphone. The 7T is an excellent low-cost flagship.

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The 90Hz panel is a fantastic addition, and you get the latest internal hardware, Android 10 out of the box,30W fast charging, and a 48MP camera that takes great photos. The existing upgrades add up, stepping forward on the frame of OnePlus 7, filling up his shortboard, bringing a better user experience, moving closer to the front of the hardware. It is perhaps what the OnePlus 7 should have been — the soul of the Pro in the body of the regular with a relatively affordable price tag.

If that is not a killer combination for anyone looking for a flagship device on a relatively tight budget, we do not know what is. This is where personal preferences heavily come into play. The design looks beautiful, there are no performance issues with the phone, and the camera works well.

This is the perfect flagship killer available in the market. It runs on Android 10 based on Oxygen OS and OnePlus constantly provides updates for their smartphones so if you face any minor issues with the OS right now they will definitely get solved in the future. The only complain we have is regarding the battery because at this price OnePlus can easily give a bigger battery with their smartphone.

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Apart from that, there are no issues and the OnePlus 7T gets a thumbs up from our side. It also has a beautiful screen and excellent battery life, and the only area where we would say it falls short of top phone expectations are the camera. If you are looking for the best deal in mobile, OnePlus still delivers and the 7T should be high on your list. OnePlus has shied away from its usual strategy of offering incremental upgrades with its T series as this smartphone boasts of a different design.

It packs excellent specs, a nice design, and fantastic battery life at a price everyone can respect. While the camera module and haptics are two sore spots, the positives heavily outweigh the negatives. OnePlus has been iterating on this device across multiple yearly phone cycles now and, arguably, the past 18 months has seen it pull up just short.

The OnePlus 7T, though, sees the formula get riffed on one more time and with near-perfect results, producing a phone that is impossible not to recommend. But go for the OnePlus 7 Pro if you have the money. The extra grunt means you should be able to drive more Android games at 90Hz. It's got all the flagship features you want, not need, at a price that still makes it a killer deal.

This is the all-rounder the 'Androidverse' has been waiting for long. Anyone who has bought a OnePlus 7 Review recently will feel a bit annoyed, and rightly so. Many who paid much more for the OnePlus 7 Pro Review might also be miffed. OnePlus would do well to launch its refreshes on a more predictable schedule like other manufacturers in the premium space do.

OnePlus 7T review: Another near perfect phone Source: The Indian Express For me, the OnePlus 7T is another testament of the fact that smartphones have hit a sweet spot where it is near perfect in every aspect from processor to the camera and battery life.

I'm increasingly convinced that OnePlus is the Android manufacturer to beat going forward, and the OnePlus 7T proves that the company can and will repeat and compound its successes. With each iteration, the company's efforts to improve its own products shine through. Although a 90Hz display isn't necessary in a smartphone, OnePlus found it important enough to include in its devices at such a low price point. The reason?

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The phone also has stacks of power, great battery life and a dreamy new design. OnePlus 7T hands-on review: OnePlus tees up a winning 7 Source: It Pro It's always easy to get a little carried away with hand-on reviews, but this is a considerable upgrade from the 7.