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Both of these handsets boasted 41MP cameras and marked significant advancements in camera technology in phones. There are a host of rumors circulating around the Nokia 9 camera setup, with several pointing towards two rear snappers, although there are reports that the number could be as high as five. Add to that a rumored dual-camera setup on the front and the Nokia 9 PureView may arrive boasting the most cameras ever on a smartphone. Nokia does have a launch event on October 4, so we could see the handset arrive in just two days time.

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We'll be reporting live to bring you all the latest. October 1, The name has been applied to two previous handsets, directly in the name of the Nokia PureView which launched in , and the PureView technology made another appearance the following year when it landed in the Nokia Lumia The most cameras on a phone? Everything we know so far about the Nokia 9 PureView.

These scores are in line with other phones that use the Snapdragon The chip is simply too new, and opting to use it would have only further delayed the Nokia 9.

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HMD worked with Zeiss to ensure the cameras were tuned precisely, and the multi-camera technology including the Lux Capacitor largely comes in collaboration with Light. For those unaware, Light is a company that made the L16 , a camera device that promises DSLR-like image quality in a much more portable form factor.

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Because most phones with multiple cameras have clear, identified roles that do not let you use them all at once. This fusion process can take some time — around 10 to 20 seconds — which can be a deal breaker though you do get to see a preview of the photo you just took as it stacks all the photos together. It made me forget about checking on my photos constantly, and instead I took the time to snap more pictures. Three of the cameras are monochromatic sensors, while the other two are RGB. This is because monochromatic sensors can capture 2. So, what are standard photos like?

The one word that comes to mind is natural. Low-light photographs look good too, but detail tends to not be as rich as photos taken in good lighting.

But the Nokia 9 almost always captures the right ambiance, compared to other phones. Looking back at the photographs, it evokes the same mood I felt when I was in the environment, and it still maintains that natural look. You can take a RAW image — which is uncompressed and contains more information than JPEG — to the Adobe Lightroom Android app and tweak to perfection or, rather, what you deem to be perfection.

Adobe will also be issuing an update to the Android Lightroom app so it will support all five lens profiles on the Nokia 9, for better image quality and robust control.

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One of my favorite features in the Nokia 9 is Depth Map, which needs to be switched on. The five cameras can capture more than 1, layers of depth data in photos except in Monochrome mode , so in Google Photos, you can completely refocus a photo, while also adjusting the intensity of the background or foreground blur. The blur effect looks good, and while there are errors occasionally, I think the Nokia 9 is one of the best smartphone cameras at the moment to capture photos with strong bokeh.

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There are a few camera features like Pro Mode, which lets you take second long exposure photos to illuminate night scenes; Bothie mode allows you to use both the front and rear camera at the same time; and Live Bokeh is akin to Portrait Mode, and it works similarly to Depth Map. The bigger selling point is the promise of fast software updates — the phone will get two years of version updates and three years of security updates.

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There are virtually no other software features on the phone, which is a part of the allure of Android One. This barebones approach helps make the interface dead simple to use, while still looking good. A 3,mAh battery is packed into the phone, which means the Nokia 9 will last just about a day — no more, no less. We frequently hit 25 percent by 6 p.

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The phone performed well in our video playback battery test, though. HMD Global offers a standard limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects for 12 months since the date of purchase. Battery life is a little disappointing, and I wish the fingerprint sensor was better. Yes, many.

The body of the phone is IP67 water resistant, which is the standard for all flagship phones, and that means the Nokia 9 can stay alive when submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. The phone is quite slippery, so a case is necessary to protect the glass on both sides.