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Never looked up sat phones, never text about them, never been interested in them, yet today I get an amazon ad and the very first item shown to me is, guess what Previously, I had a light conversation with the gf about quantum physics and how odd the study is. The very next day, an ad for a college course on quantum physics shows up.

One day I had a conversation about drones with a friend, I had been interested in them but never really looked anything up - same day, ads for drones start showing up Other times, just ads from my tracking cookies, but this time just SPOKE, not wrote anything from my browser! Our car wouldn't start this morning so my husband and I had a conversation about the battery, jumper cables, and needing to take it in to get looked at. Opened up Twitter ten minutes later and there's an add for the new Fiat x. I never search anything car-related and we haven't bought a new car in two years.

This has happened to me but on a desktop. I had a conversation about living in the busy city etc. This is on my desktop, not phone. So I was at Nordstrom with my wife tonight - she was looking at shoes.

We both joked that she should get Jimmy Choos they are a bit out of the price range Now, neither of us have EVER searched for these shoes. Absolutely no reason to, since they're so expensive. I don't think we've ever even spoken about them prior to be honest. Super freaked out. I just googled this because I was eating a bag of Tostitos tortilla chips by myself that I did not purchase myself and reading the news on my phone.

I went to put them away and logged onto a Facebook and all my Facebook ads were for Tostitos! I hardly ever eat them and was eating them at a family member's house by myself did not speak about them. The only noise in the room was chips crunching as I was eating.

Are they utilizing your camera as well to recognize brands? What else could explain this? It's better that they didn't, anyway. I sounded stupid.

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I had written about noticing TV commercials that I have never seen before reflecting things I have spoken about near a smartphone. I thought it was a reality that our internet searches reflect the types of commercials we see on TV. I've noticed this strange coincidence many times before and thought I had read an article about this actually happening.

I was wrong. It's not really a thing after all. It's all just a coincidence Anyway, I thought Oops, that Wired article I linked to wasn't what I had read a couple of years ago Maybe it wasn't Wired Maybe that's not even a thing?!! Who knows. I know that TV commercials are tailored to individuals based on their internet searches.


So if my neighbor and I are watching the same show at the same time, she and I would see different commercials based on our internet searches. Some would be the same but some would be different. I notice my commercials reflect what I've searched for all the time. I read an article on Wired a couple of years ago about Google making this happen. A couple of years ago it was in its trial phase.

I've been noticing this. I'll say something around my phone and later that day when I'm watching TV I'll see a commercial related to what I've spoken about. For example, one day I was having a conversation about cutting out sugar smartphone nearby and later that day I saw a Coca-Cola commercial that literally said "We hear you" several times and it was all about how they're cutting sugar in drinks. I think it was the "We hear you" part repeated over and over and typed on the screen that creeped me out.

I had never seen the commercial before. Could have been a coincidence I also never see Dickey's commercials.

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That those played consecutively was weird to me. I dunno. Could be a coincidence but it isn't the first time that's happened. Happened to us on July 30, Was talking about a business idea with my wife in bedroom and next thing I see relevant Facebook ads in the side banner of my Facebook page. This is crazy. Totally invasion in our privacy!

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Anyone knows how to avoid this, find the relevant culprit apps and turn those off? Thank you for the article! Phone is nearby I'm talking about how I'm cutting out sugar trying to go sugar free A Coca-Cola commercial I have never seen before literally saying "We hear you" and describing how they are cutting sugar, making natural drinks, etc. It was all about cutting sugar.

The commercial repeated "We hear you" several times it was so weird and kind of eerie. Also, right after this commercial a Dickey's BBQ commercial came on.

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I never see Dickey's commercials It was strange to me that those two commercials came on consecutively. Could be coincidence, I guess Also, I know it's a fact that commercials are shown based on internet searches Anyway, if some commercials we see are based on internet searches then it would make sense that we would also see commercials based on what we've said when our phone is around Happend again today. Told someone about a podcast I hadn't listened to in a year got ride of it off my iphone. Opened up You Tube right afterwards and boom. Top video was posted by that same podcast.

Happened today. Friend texted me pics of new car they bought - a Pacifica. Then we talked on the phone. Tonight, in Facebook feed, ads for Pacifica. Google and others cannot think the public is that ignorant. Obviously, while google may have a policy against listening in on private conversations, no doubt another company or companies are collecting information by listening in, and selling it to google and Facebook in order to target ads. This has happened to me as well and after reading these comments I decided to actually stage a test.

So last night I opened facebook and left it open in the background never did anything with the microphone , then sat my phone on the nightstand in the bedroom and left the room.

What did we find?

Then my hubby and I sat on the couch and picked a random product that we had never talked about before. We landed on a bread maker - I have no idea why! I then went back into my room, and without touching my phone, started talking about bread makers. I mentioned "I want a bread maker, homemade bread, bake bread at home, bread machine, etc. I felt like a nut! Anyways, I then left the room to finish up my evening. When I came back to go to bed for the evening, my husband and I eagerly got my phone and opened up facebook.

Started to scroll down to see the first ad and what was it for No one can ever say that this was a coincidence. I'd love to hear facebook deny that!

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I'm so glad this isnt only happening to me. At first all the ads just seemed to be based off searches which didn't bother me. But I had a short conversation with a friend about PC gaming and how building a computer seems cool. My boyfriend proposed to me last August while his brother was visiting us.

Of course we talked about it with his brother while he was there, but other than him we kept from telling anyone for a week or so.