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It also fixes a screen flickering issue that occurred while swiping up to unlock the phones. OnePlus says that this OTA will have a staged rollout. A limited number of users will receive the update today and a broader rollout will follow in the next few days. Note the OnePlus 6 and 6T often receive updates at the same time. The OnePlus 6 launched with Android 8.

The OnePlus 6 got its Android 9 Pie update not long after the software landed for the public. Now, both the unlocked variants of the OnePlus 6 and 6T have official updates to Android It is very likely both devices will eventually see updates to Android 11 in However, the jury is still out on whether or not the two devices will get Android 12 in The update brought quite a few bug fixes as well as the December Android security patch to the phones.

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Google Chrome, you might not be surprised to know, logs a ton of data , including your browsing history and thumbnails of the sites you visit, and of course if you sign in with Google too then all of your activity feeds back into your Google profile by default. Samsung, for instance, as per its policy, might collect GPS information from your phone, might pass your voice searches on to a third party for speech-to-text conversions, and might share all this data with business partners who might use it to advertise to you.

Location tracking is a big one—very valuable to both end users and advertisers alike. From the same menus you can turn off or limit location tracking on an app-by-app basis. Apple stands apart in this regard , keeping the data it tracks for its own use and largely on a single device, though of course the apps that run on iOS have more freedom to do what they want. Whether it means you uninstall a few social media tools, or disable location tracking for a few apps, it gives you some semblance of control over your privacy.

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OnePlus adds step counter and ability to disable app drawer in new update

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OnePlus adds step counter and ability to disable app drawer in new update

I tried reinstalling the App. It works fine at the start, but then again stops notifications.

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