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How to Flashing Huawei firmware (Stock ROM) using Smartphone Flash Tool

Fusion Garage. Spice Mobile. Zen Mobile. Lemon Mobiles. Carriers: Verizon. Metro by T-Mobile. Boost Mobile. Southern LINC. Xfinity Mobile. Size: 1. Resolution: x px x px. Pixel density: min. Device type: Basic phone. Feature phone. Smart phone. Internal storage: 4GB 1TB. Capacity: mAh mAh.

Honor Launches The View20: A 48MP Camera Review

Battery replacement: User replaceable. Not user replaceable. Resolution: MP. HQVGA x QCIF x Headphones: 3.

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Sort by: Date Date. Review rating. User rating. Nokia 5. Nokia Nokia 8. Nokia 1. Apple iPad Pro inch Apple iPad Pro Samsung Galaxy M Motorola Moto E6s. Honor phones do not have an app tray as standard, and instead show all your installed app icons across multiple home screens, similar to iOS on an iPhone.

If you prefer to use an app tray, you must activate it yourself. We recommend doing so before you install multiple apps or rearrange apps on your home screen, as activating the app tray will change the order and display. The Honor View 20 is an almost bezel-less smartphone, and therefore is perfect to use with a gesture-control system.

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Even though the Honor View 20 uses the new hole-punch camera and not a notch, Honor still gives you the chance to hide it through software. You can also add time limits for apps, restrict app access, and even set a PIN to override these limits, which is perfect if the phone is used by children. This lets you run two versions of certain apps, enabling the use of multiple accounts.

For example, you can run two versions of Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp. This may be helpful when you manage both personal and work accounts. This needs to be activated before it will work. Go to Settings, then Apps , and look for App Twin. Not every app can be twinned, and the screen here will show only those that are compatible.

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For example, if Facebook is installed, it will appear in the list alongside a switch. Return to the home screen.

What to do if your smartphone gets stolen | AndroidPIT

Open it, and set it up with your alternative credentials to get started. Find the Huawei Health app, open it, and then fill in your personal details by tapping the Me option found in the bottom right of the screen, then the Profile option at the top of the screen. From there, you can track exercise using just your phone. The Honor View 20 has an infrared blaster, and can therefore act as a universal remote control for many other devices in your home, such as the TV and air conditioner. It takes a short while to set up. Look for the Smart Remote app, which comes pre-installed on the phone, and open it.

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