This app is a fancy version of caller ID. Since there are a number of apps out there that do the same thing for free, this is almost certainly one you're going to want to disable. Chances are you already have a favorite service for streaming video, whether it's Netflix, Hulu, YouTube or something else. But if you want one more, feel free to keep the T-Mobile TV app around.

It includes a number of full episodes from big shows like Scandal, Agents of Shield and more. That makes it a decent option for expanding your streaming options with the unlimited data you get from your T-Mobile One plan. Every once and awhile, someone is bound to call while you're not around and leave a message. The Visual Voicemail apps gives you a simple way to play back and manage all those messages.

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If you choose to uninstall this app, you can still dial into your voicemail by holding 1 on the phone's dialpad. Luckily, the phone isn't as protective of pre-loaded apps from third-party partners, such as Slacker. Enabling the app's Driving Mode mutes incoming call and message notifications, so drivers can focus on the road. It also sends automatic responses to the people contacting you, explaining that you're driving, so they don't think you've given them the cold shoulder.

Still not impressed? Delete it and select Samsung's Messages app as your default. One of the marquee special features of Verizon's service, NFL Mobile gives football fans tons of video content and stats. You can even stream live local games from your Galaxy S8. Non-fans can delete this app without a second thought to stop it from taking up space and using background resources. Unless you're already using the Slacker internet radio, you're in the clear to disable or remove it. Google Play Music goes even further, offering a free cloud-based locker for storing your existing music.

If you're willing to pay for music, Google Music is still better, with its library of "40 million [on-demand] songs" which trounces the "thousands of songs and albums" that Slacker claims on its site. But Android already does all this for you. Disable while wondering "who would actually pay for this? Blindly worrying about data consumption is no way to live, so keep My Verizon Mobile, where you can monitor your usage. Run through your data? My Verizon also sends alerts when you're nearing your monthly limit, and provides access to account payment options.

That said, it's not as useful as competing apps. You're better off disabling this and installing the free Avast app which protects your device when connected to public routers and ranks as our favorite free Android security app. Make sure to also grap the free Avast Anti-Theft app for locking and locating your device.

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Sure, VZ Navigator allows you to customize the app, putting your favorite places and brands front and center, but Google Maps remembers where you like to go, and does so much more too, such as offering public transit directions. You know what's cooler than Verizon Cloud's free 5GB of storage?

Google Drive's 15GB of storage. What is the reason and solution? Hi my friend protended to dropp my new phone. Here is the guide for it. Hanna hanna Ever hour or so my screen will turn purple and I didn't drop it and every time it does that it gets darker till I can't see the screen but it Slowly goes away I don't know what to do should I get a new phone.

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  • Sam Tatin dancrgrl. My phone had a purple outline of a box in the middle with spots mainly on the edge of the screen and restarting didn't do anything. I didn't drop it or spill anything on it so what do I do? Charity Roberts charitybear. I shattered my galaxy s7 a few days ago and I got it replaced with a new screen.

    Now in the upper left hand side of my phone has purple smudge on it. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. I just don't know what to do. They're are called "Dead Pixels". It's when the tint of the phone spreads because you hit it too hard or because of a hard drop. Here is the best solution:. While putting pressure on it,turn your phone on and keep putting pressure on it until it goes away.


    If it doesn't work then you either have to get another LED screen or another phone. Right not I have to same problem. I hope this helped! Thelma Agyeman - Danso siffany. Hi, please I mistakenly dropped my phone in water and I did clean it before I switched it on, it was only for some minutes and went multi colored.

    Please what should I do.

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    Use blower. Hot air at low power for constantly few hours. It will make that water in the display causing pink smudge gone for sure. In sha Allah..

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    It's not that your phone is rooted I need explanation so I could help you. Juliana juliemango. I don't know if my phone fell but when I reached home I saw a small dot of purple ooze please help me stop it. Chandra Bahadur Gurung cbgurung. Green Dorito Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index.

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    Timothy Rep: 2 2 1. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

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    Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score So my phone has this purple stuff HELP!!! I had this same problem too. I just restarted my phone and the colour went back to normal. The budget option, covered by our Lifetime Warranty. Cut repair costs, not quality. Chosen Solution. Dan danj Rep: Was this answer helpful?