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There are many sophisticated and high priced voice recording systems in the market today. Learn more. Bespoke services are also available for direct integration with BMS and hospitality solutions. Traditional IVR systems require expensive and purpose-built media cards to play audio. This makes them inefficient when business is growing and complex IVR flows are needed. This makes it cost-effective and scalable solution for small to medium enterprises. QuickIVR comes with an intuitive web based user interface that allows users to develop smart, effective and professional Voice Responses without having to install management software on the PC.

How To Block Numbers On Alcatel Go Flip

Rainbow Integration Partner. PBX Connectors for Rainbow. Amigo has developed a range of third-party PBX connectors that connect with Rainbow. These connectors enrich the collaboration experience of Rainbow Users. Compare devices. What's in the box. Download user manual. Based on 39 reviews.

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Rating 1. Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. Front screen broke within three days in my pocket. Store employees not familiar with the phone, but after two months I am frustrated with this phone every time I use it. Almost every time I open the phone it either goes to camera or turns the ringer volume to mute. The battery only holds a charge read more. Was this review helpful? Yes But no way is it a good phone for the elderly. And the phone overall is junk. This phone was designed by idiots.

It is the hardest phone to work EVER! It is the worst example of a phone I have ever seen. My poor husband struggles daily to use it and I totally understand after trying to help him. What were you thinking wh read more. We have been Verizon customers for almost 20 yrs. Lost 3G service yesterday , with no notice.

Went and bought 2 of these 4G phones.

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Battery didn't even last 8 hrs after charging them overnight. Only made a few short calls on each phone, today. Having to recharge them both again. Would take back read more. No instructions with the phone. I am having trouble accessing my contacts. I have gone into contacts and pushed every button and cannot get a list.

Alcatel SmartFlip review

Same difficulty with history of calls or messaging. I am very disappointed with this purchase and seriously considering cutting my losses and going to a read more. Yes 5. This phone is a piece of junk. Can't wait to leave Verizon! This phone is cheap and it does not work half the time.

The reception is very bad and you have to push buttons several time to get it to work. Why would Verizon sell such a horrible phone. My husband had is 3g phone for over 5 years. No problems good quality phone.

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I feel cheated! It does not t read more. This phone cover screen lasted less than TWO weeks. It was purchased for my 90 year old father to sit next to and carry around with him for emergencies. No Doesn't work at all. Cheap piece of junk, which is disappointing. We bought a flip hoping it would be sturdy for my elderly mother. She rarely needs a phone at all, but this only worked for her first phone call. Insanely bad product.

This phone is cheaply made,callers sound like they are talking in a tin can, half the time they complain they can't hear me. Takes poor photos.

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The navigation keys are poorly designed and the operating info on line is no help. Bring back the 4G LG silver phone! The speaker on this phone is terrible. You have to crank up the volume and then it is so distorted you can't understand a word. Keys are not responsive and accessing features awkward.

I have always had a flip phone because I have two computers at home and don't need to take one with me. This is read more. Frequently asked questions Ask a question.