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Your phone keeps a stable connection with this service to ensure you receive timely notifications. For this purpose, your phone will send a network packet called a " Heartbeat " after every few minutes to ensure you are connected and able to receive notifications. The packet interval is 15 minutes for Wi-Fi connection, and 28 minutes for mobile data connection. Now there is a tiny problem, most routers and carriers disconnect from an inactive port after few minutes of inactivity, usually 5 minutes. So if you will not receive a notification for 5 minutes, then your connection will be terminated.

And you will not receive any notifications until another packet heartbeat is sent and a connection is made.

To solve this problem, we simply need to speed up the frequency of the heartbeat packet. And for this purpose, you can use the free app Push Notifications Fixer. After installation, you will see two options, Mobile heartbeat interval, and Wi-Fi heartbeat interval. Both of these options will be set to 5 minutes , which is perfect as most connections usually timeout after 5 minutes or more.

What is Kik Messenger?

Tap on the Apply button to apply this heartbeat interval and you should start receiving notifications in time. Increasing the heartbeat interval impacts your overall battery timing. In case you want to switch back to default heartbeat interval, either uninstall the app or set the default interval right from the app.

Short battery life is one of the biggest downfalls of Android phones, and there are times when you Push Notifications Fixer fixed my problem of delayed notifications.

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In the Run window, type winver and press Enter. The Windows version will be shown. Device Requirements Must be at the device physically. To check the macOS version follow these steps Click the Apple icon in the top left-hand corner. Click About This Mac. The macOS version will be shown.

  1. Kik outfits its Android and iOS apps with a browser, brings the mobile web to your chat window.
  2. Google Pixel 4XL 64GB - White.
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  4. Manage Calls.
  5. Available for Purchase in Store Only.

Click here to see a list of Computer features. Before You Buy. You will need physical access to the device. You just add accounts in your device settings under google. Dec 31, PM via Website.

Kik planned to shut down the platform to focus on its 'Kin' cryptocurrency

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