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Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed times. I am working on a script for a Google sheet and learning scripts from scratch. Thanks in advance. Pat Stewart. Pat Stewart Pat Stewart 3 3 3 bronze badges.

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Active Oldest Votes. The first is to exactly match the sheets name to a string. The second commented out is to match the sheet's name against a regular expression.

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Column adjustment from A to T commented on below. Please also note, the sheet name test string needs to be exact and case-sensitive. Thanks cOde okay, I see how that works now. This raises two new questions 1 Can I use the column number from the sheet and express the output column in terms of an offset to the right by adding how many columns I want to move to the right to the column number or to the left by subtracting from it? I tried the url but that didn't work.

There is an offset method. The reference can be found here.


For your second question, you may need to create another question and clarify a bit. Not sure I understood exactly what you are asking. Also, yes you can add and subtract numbers from the references in the getRange method. Would you share your new code in an edit on the question at the end? Also, the sheet name should always be surrounded by quotes. Single or double doesn't matter unless the sheet name itself contains either of those. Change , 1, to , 20,. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Post as a guest Name. When copied across multiple cells, they change based on the relative position of rows and columns. Relative references are especially convenient whenever you need to repeat the same calculation across multiple rows or columns. In the following example, we want to create a formula that will multiply each item's price by the quantity. Instead of creating a new formula for each row, we can create a single formula in cell D4 and then copy it to the other rows. We'll use relative references so the formula calculates the total for each item correctly.

You can double-click the filled cells to check their formulas for accuracy. The relative cell references should be different for each cell, depending on their rows. There may be times when you do not want a cell reference to change when copying or filling cells.

It can precede the column reference, the row reference, or both.