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A word of warning: HMD says this phone is a "limited edition," being offered in a limited run. It's five Zeiss camera lenses, but it looks like seven in a ring, like a spider's eyes. One spot is a flash, and the other is a time-of-flight sensor for depth mapping. It's the first five-rear-camera phone.

But is that even a big distinction, now? The Samsung Galaxy S10 has three rear cameras and four on the upcoming 5G version , and a total of six cameras inside and out of the Galaxy Fold.

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Nokia's cameras don't do extra levels of optical zoom. Instead, they're all meant to capture a massive amount of data for HDR and depth based photography. The camera array was partially developed by Light, the company that also made the wild lens L16 camera, and has recently announced a partnership to develop more computational photography products with Sony image sensors. Light's initial lens standalone camera vision was to offer up a Swiss army knife of options for any photo need. Light's L16 camera was reviewed to some disappointment when it debuted, but hinted at a multi-camera phone future.

Light was expected to release a phone with nine cameras last year. Against those devices, the five-camera Nokia 9 PureView seems tame by comparison, but this phone aims for computational advantages over other phone cameras. In a brief hands-on with the phone, I tried shooting some photos. Three monochrome sensors are tasked with capturing light at different exposures while two RGB lenses soak in the colors.

Those images are then combined and processed by a digital signal processor DSP. There are a couple of downsides to this setup. For one, images take a long time to process. Most of the images I snapped took about 10 seconds, but bokeh shots — especially those in low light — needed about 25 seconds.

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You can continue using the Nokia 9 and even take photos while the DSP works its magic in the background, but you can't check to see how your photo turned out. Another shortcoming is that none of the lenses has optical image stabilization, so you'll have to keep the phone steady when you're shooting in low-light conditions.

While the Nokia 9 is capable of producing some breathtaking photos, not every picture we captured looked great. This low-light shot in a branch of the New York Public Library has a haze to it, as if someone had turned on a fog machine. While the Pixel 3 oversaturated colors a bit, the photo it produced is punchier, clearer and more dynamic. In these cupcake images, the Nokia 9 displayed tons of detail, but once again, the colors look lifeless when compared with the more natural photo taken by the OnePlus 6T. The Nokia 9 rebounded on this bookshelf shot. I really can't find fault with this photo.

The scene looks crisp and perfectly exposed, and the colors are punchy and accurate. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S10e's image is too yellow, and you can't see as much detail in the wood.

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The OnePlus 6T's photo looks washed out, so it's missing a lot of details you can see in the Nokia 9's nicely exposed image. Check out the brick sidewalk tiling or the details on the right-most building. While the Bokeh mode properly outlined my frame, my face looks ghastly in this shot. The iPhone XS' Portrait shot is brighter, and the colors are far more accurate.

The Nokia 9 has a time-of-flight sensor on the back that creates a depth map of the scene you shoot.

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HMD claims the camera can capture more depth information 1, layers than any other phone. One benefit of this tech is that Depth photos can be refocused in post using Google Photos. Furthermore, the depth tool lets you choose a focal point, then adjust the intensity of the foreground and background blur around it. All that sounds great, but as you can see in the photo below, the Nokia 9 struggled to keep only the recruiting station in focus while blurring the rest of the scene.

You'll notice that the cars and buildings on the left side as well as the chairs on the right of the image remained in focus.

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Using its three monochromic lenses, the Nokia 9 can shoot black-and-white pictures natively. I'm pretty pleased with this image of the Flatiron Building.

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There is plenty of detail and the exposure is on point, even with the sun peeking through the clouds. The MP, front-facing camera on the Nokia 9 maybe captures far too much detail for my liking, but in all seriousness, this shot I took in Times Square looks great. You can see individual strands of hair in my beard, and the reddish tone in my face looks natural.