Part 2: How to Track Someone's Huawei Phone Location Without Them Knowing

If Huawei is once again allowed to become a GMS Partner, then the company can proceed with releasing its planned updates on schedule. Update: The full text of the Temporary General License can be found here. Thanks Roland Quandt! After the U. Commerce Department gave the Chinese manufacturer some temporary relief, it hit back at the U. The episode has taken an interesting turn in less than two days and we promise to keep you updated at every single step. Source: Reuters.

Following the U. The company will now send software updates to Huawei phones until August 19th. The Commerce Department will reassess the situation after the day license expires. At that point, Google will most likely make the same assessment and decide how to move forward. Source: CNBC. The carriers point to long-term usability for their customers as a reason for pulling the device.

Google has now removed all Huawei devices from the website, including the old Nexus 6P.

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Source: 9to5Google. Huawei has responded to a number of common rumors on the Huawei Answers page. You can read them below.

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Ongoing security and software updates will continue to be provided to keep all Huawei smartphones and tablets secure and up-to-date. Android will not be automatically uninstalled from Huawei smartphones and tablets. We continue to work closely with our partners to ensure our consumers can always enjoy the best possible experience. For all Huawei smartphones and tablets, WhatsApp , Facebook, and Instagram apps can be downloaded and used as normal. If you reset your Huawei smartphone or tablet to factory settings, Android Services and Google Apps can still be downloaded and used as normal.

Nothing has changed. Huawei provides after-sales service as before, in accordance with the existing warranty policy. Huawei will continue to sell smartphones. Furthermore, we will continue to invest in research and development to deliver leading innovation and the best possible smartphone experience. We are confident that our most popular devices, including the P30 series, will be able to access Android Q.

We have been working with third parties for many months to ensure devices will be able to receive Android Q updates. Technical preparations and testing has already begun for over 17 devices. In fact our Mate 20 Pro has already been given approval to receive Android Q as and when it is released by Google. In a strange turn of events, Huawei devices have been added back to the Android Enterprise Recommended website. What makes this development strange is the fact that the US Government was still yet to make a decision on the pending license applications from US companies to resume business with Huawei.

Google is also quite opaque with its additions to and removals from the Enterprise website, so we are not entirely sure about what is happening here. Source: Android Enterprise Recommended. Originally reported by Reuters last week, it is now confirmed that the US Commerce Department is postponing the trade ban on Huawei for 90 more days. The temporary license that allows US companies to continue working with Huawei was set to expire today.

If your phone works, it should reboot and you should feel a vibration and see the Huawei logo.

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In case you do not feel the vibration and the screen is still blank, then simply press and hold the Power Key for more time until you see the device restart itself. If nothing changes after attempting to reboot the device a few times, you can abandon this troubleshooting and proceed to the next ones below. GPS issues may sometimes be caused by incorrect network settings.

In order for your device to use whatever GPS data it is receiving, its network configuration must be set up correctly. At times, system-wide changes may affect the network functionality of a device.

Huawei P30 Pro Review

This can result to some problems including possible issues with GPS function. To ensure that your Huawei device has the correct settings, follow the steps below to reset network configuration:. Allow your device to finish resetting network settings and restore the default values. Software and apps updates usually offer fix patch to obliterate existing problems inflicted by random bugs and malicious software. You will then see a list of apps with pending updates.

Just tap on Update to install individual app updates or tap Update All to update apps simultaneously.

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Sometimes, a third party app may cause problems or interfere with the Operating System. Having network troubles due to a bad app is not unheard of in Huawei devices. In safe mode, no third party app should be able to run. So, if GPS works normally on safe mode, you can bet a bad third party app is to blame.

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In this mode, some functions and features are disabled including GPS. In September , Huawei unveiled new "Mystic Blue" and "Misty Lavender" color finishes for the P30 Pro, which carry a two-tone appearance using matte and glossy finishes. The P30 Pro features three rear-facing camera lenses with Leica optics, including a megapixel lens, megapixel ultra-wide angle lens, an 8-megapixel "periscope" lens with 5x optical zoom. The optical zoom can be combined with software-assisted digital zoom of up to 50x.

The base P30 model excludes the periscope lens reducing it to 3x optical zoom , reduces the ultra-wide angle lens to megapixels, and does not include optical image stabilization software-based AI stabilization is still used.

Huawei P30 Lite review

The megapixel lens on both models use a new "SuperSpectrum" image sensor , whose color filter array uses yellow sub-pixels instead of green. Huawei stated that this would allow more light to be captured, and enhanced absorption of red and green colors. This sensor is leveraged by improvements to the camera software's night mode, as well as new "Super HDR" and "Super Low Light" capture modes.

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The P30 line ships with Android 9. Vlad Savov of The Verge felt that the P30 Pro was comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S10 in terms of hardware specifications, but that Huawei was an "unrivaled champ" in camera quality. Its cameras were shown to have better low-light performance at its default settings than the Pixel 3 's "Night Sight" mode which requires a long exposure , and that even with a slight reduction in sharpness past 10x, there was very little degradation in the quality of zoomed images with its periscope lens, producing a usable image even at 32x zoom.

However, although not as aggressive as the P20 Pro, he still felt that Huawei's automatic processing was "too aggressive with its mix of grain-suppressing blur and additive sharpening", and that the Pixel 3 had more accurate white balance. Savov felt that the P30 Pro had good Bluetooth and Wi-Fi performance, "heroically long" battery life, and that the "magnetic levitation" earpiece worked "shockingly well".

However, its display was considered to be inferior in quality to the S10 due to its comparatively lower resolution, and a discoloration of the curved edges at certain viewing angles , the in-display fingerprint reader was not as fast as the P20, and that Huawei's default user interface was "more frustrating and nagging than helpful".