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How to Install a Car Tracker DIY Simple Easy Steps

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Turning Off GPS on an iPhone

Create a username and password. Enter your TracFone number and international mobile equipment identity, if required, into the tracking company database. Find your IMEI in the handset battery compartment. Record your TracFone as lost in the tracking company database. The company will immediately begin to search for a GPS signal from your handset. Install tracking software on your Tracfone Depending on your model, use a data cable or Bluetooth to transmit data. Register your software to activate your tracking service.

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Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. But no way is it a good phone for the elderly.

Location Of - Alcatel One Touch Real-Time GPS Tracking

And the phone overall is junk. Was this review helpful? Yes Front screen broke within three days in my pocket. Store employees not familiar with the phone, but after two months I am frustrated with this phone every time I use it. Almost every time I open the phone it either goes to camera or turns the ringer volume to mute.

How to Turn Off GPS on a Cell Phone

The battery only holds a charge read more. This phone was designed by idiots. It is the hardest phone to work EVER! It is the worst example of a phone I have ever seen.

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  7. My poor husband struggles daily to use it and I totally understand after trying to help him. What were you thinking wh read more. We have been Verizon customers for almost 20 yrs. Lost 3G service yesterday , with no notice. Went and bought 2 of these 4G phones. Battery didn't even last 8 hrs after charging them overnight. Only made a few short calls on each phone, today. Having to recharge them both again.

    Choose location settings (Android 9.0)

    Would take back read more. No instructions with the phone. I am having trouble accessing my contacts. I have gone into contacts and pushed every button and cannot get a list. Same difficulty with history of calls or messaging. I am very disappointed with this purchase and seriously considering cutting my losses and going to a read more.

    Yes 5. This phone is a piece of junk. Can't wait to leave Verizon! This phone is cheap and it does not work half the time. The reception is very bad and you have to push buttons several time to get it to work. Why would Verizon sell such a horrible phone. My husband had is 3g phone for over 5 years.