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Celly Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 3D Glass

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Support homepages Personal Business Enterprise Support homepages. Tablets Tablets on a plan Data plans Tablets homepage. This information is used to configure the software on the spy phone prior to despatch to the customer.

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The majority of information automatically reports back to and is updated on the web-panel to which the customer will have their own specific login: Get recorded phone calls made or received using the spy phone maybe only one side of conversation , get copies of SMS messages including text content , log all touch-screen keyboard input, Internet browsing history native phone browser , Pictures Captures, screenshots, IM pictures , get GPS locations of where the phone is every 20 minutes, see a list of application on the phone, view contacts as they are updated.

The web panel also shows the device status, showing the state of the WiFi, mobile data connection, bluetooth and battery charge. The very same remote control commands cannot only be controlled by the web-panel, but also by sending special text messages. The SMS commands do require an actual text message to be sent to the Samsung Spy Phone, although a series of spaces at the end of the message instruct the spy software to control the requested feature each command uses a different number of spaces.

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This information is fed through to the Web panel in real-time. On top of this Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo emails can also be captured. This will only work for the main account for each type, also the actual email itself will only be available and no attachments will be captured.

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Although the spy phone may not always have Internet coverage that will not mean that the software cannot still monitor the phone activity. The software can sometimes still intelligently harvest the information and store it discreetly on the phones internal storage and then upload this data at a later time when the phone again has a connection, although if the phone has a very weak data connection, it maybe that the upload could fail and data could be lost.

After the captured information has been shared onto the panel it will be automatically erased from the phone memory. The spy software application is totally hidden. Although an icon appears on the screen, it does appear to be a a system app that when interrogated gives noting away and cannot be deleted.

It is almost impossible to wipe the software from the phone even if the phone user undertakes a security wipe! No other spy phone available offers you a recent model very high quality phone handset coupled with the most feature-rich functionality available.

App Lock and App Mask for Samsung Devices

This really can be considered to be the Ultimate Spy Phone. PLEASE NOTE: Due to availability, we can only offer to supply the handset in whichever colour is available at the time Black or white , but be sure to order in advance because we do not hold stock of new phone handsets. Available in Black although other colours maybe available upon prior request. No, the Samsung Galaxy spy phone itself is the one that is being monitored and feeds its activity information out discreetly.

No, the software is completely hidden away. Although there is a screen icon, it appears as an operating system app that cannot be interrogated to reveal its function.

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Does the phone give any indication to the user that there is spy software on it? Log in. View a Demo Map. With LocationOf you can view the location of one or more mobile devices live from your desktop computer, or, within the mobile application itself.