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Now Trending: The price of Nokia 8. Nokia analysis the effec New Nokia smartphones co Nokia phones are finally Tags: Nokia , Nokia 9 PureView. Lightroom is on your smartphone to help you edit RAW photos captured by Nokia 9 PureView, but you can choose during setup whether to install it or not. However Android One is really bare and on this Nokia you won't find any unique software function that can distinguish it from the myriad of other devices on the market.

Someone could contradict me by saying that being simple is its distinguishing feature, but it's all a matter of taste, isn't it? It will take very few words to make you understand this big problem with Nokia 9. Facial recognition takes a long time when compared to the competition that uses only the front camera as it does, and is ineffective if not in full light.

The integrated fingerprint reader in the display is so slow that it is easier to press the unlock button, slide your finger up and trace a complicated pattern. Instead of this solution it was better to have a classic capacitive fingerprint reader on the back where objectively there is not much space, however , on one side or even in the frame under a P20 Pro-style display. PureView : This was the brand name given by the Finnish brand to smartphones equipped with the most advanced camera possible for the company.

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Nokia and Nokia Lumia are still milestones for smartphone photography and have become a legend for enthusiasts, but the Lumia among others was also part of the category. Nokia 9 PureView therefore has a big responsibility on its shoulders not to let down the memory of its ancestors. Unfortunately, in , the competition in the world of smartphones is mainly focused on the quality of the images taken and this is not a good starting point. Competition is fierce and lethal. In reality, not all that glitters is gold. First, the shots are instantaneous you can take multiple photos in a quick sequence without delay but the processing of the images, which takes place in the background, takes an unacceptable amount of time.

The only way to enjoy taking photos with this smartphone is to trust the software completely, take the desired photos and forget about them and then calmly review them later. Unfortunately, due to this incredible workload for the SoC, the smartphone heats up quickly during even the shortest of photography sessions. Furthermore, it is never possible to know in time whether the photo taken was successfully or not before the end of processing. It has often happened to me that the camera changes its focus point at the exact moment I pressed the shutter button, wasting time on processing and precious battery.

One of the various promises of the Nokia 9 PureView photography department, made in collaboration with Zeiss and the Light experts, is the possibility of taking shots that can contain very detailed depth information up to levels so you can adjust and change the focus at a later time. To be honest, in some situations, the results are acceptable but in most cases, the processing software makes more mistakes than the classic bokeh effect software we are used to.

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