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Both variants are scheduled to be delivered on August At the time of this writing, the handset only retails in two color variants — Black and Red. Dubbed as 's best flagship killer, the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro features a 6. The brand also employs Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both its front and back panels.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro review

The deal is sealed with the phone's pop-up camera which houses a 20MP front-facing sensor. There's no MicroSD slot for storage expansion. The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro has a solid build, with a chassis that would not bend or bow under any pressure I could exert with my hands. The long edges curve into the back, which was on my review phone primarily black, with turquoise down the long edges and on the sides, broken by a sliver of red for the power button.

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The finish looks great, but is slippery and therefore not overly practical. As usual with this type of design, when the phone rang the vibration caused it to slide off my armchair and off papers on my desk. Indeed, it didn't need to vibrate to slide around: being sat at an angle was enough for it to slip. Like other handset-makers, Xiaomi provides a bumper case. This protects the backplate and makes the phone easier to hold, but also hides the cleverly designed back. One day, hopefully, phone manufacturers will find a way to make the backs of their phones both aesthetic and ergonomic.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Launches in Europe, PH Coming Next?

There is a 3. Volume from the single speaker goes loud enough, but bass tones are lacking. The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is built around a near-bezel-free 6. Even the largest bezel, at the bottom of the phone, is just 3.

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The 2, by 1, pixel ppi resolution delivers bright, clear and sharp content. Ebook reading is enhanced thanks to a Reading Mode that reduces blue light. However, I'd prefer it if this mode could be set to kick in when specific apps are launched, rather than manually or on a timed schedule. The fingerprint sensor is an in-screen unit that's fast and effective. There is no camera notch on the screen.

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When you want to take a selfie, a camera pops up from the top left edge, putting itself away when you're done. I'm not convinced about the concept of the pop-up camera: the motor is a point of failure, and if it does fail, your selfie days are over. That said, the front camera arrangement does allow for that much-desired all-screen frontage, and Xiaomi has covered three important bases as far as the mechanism is concerned.

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It has been tested for , pop-ups -- probably more than even the most snap-happy selfie fans will require over the phone's lifetime. It will retract automatically when it detects pressure, although I found I had to apply a fair bit for this to work. Continue Shopping Checkout Cart.

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