Samsung Galaxy A60 specifications

Its maximum LTE speed is decent for a budget handset, while our review unit maintained good network reception on the well-developed German D2 network during our tests, which we conducted indoors and outdoors. Our review unit cannot locate us indoors, which is to be expected from a budget device.

However, it achieved an impressive three metres accuracy outside, which is something akin to a flagship handset. We also took the A60 Pro on a bike ride to compare its location data with a Garmin Edge , our reference bike computer. Our review unit performed well during this test, with it generally mapping our positioning accurately.

Overall, while the A60 Pro is accurate enough for most navigation tasks, its lack of a compass means that we could not see the direction in which we were pointing our review unit. Blackview preinstalls the standard suite of Google telephony apps, which work just as well as they have on other devices that we have tested. Call quality is a mixed bag. While the earpiece cleanly outputs audio, it does so comparatively quietly and with audible ambient noise. The microphone is passable too, although it has tended to distort our voice during our tests if we spoke loudly, causing us to speak more quietly than we normally would.

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Blackview equips the A60 with an 8 MP main rear-facing camera, which it complements with a 0. We doubt that such a low-resolution sensor will have much of an effect in daily use though. The main rear-facing sensor takes comparatively dark-looking pictures, while simultaneously overexposing light areas.


Dynamic range leaves plenty to be desired too, with colours also looking distorted. Moreover, the sky in our test shots looks pixelated and overly dull. Low-light shots are also laughably bad, as demonstrated below by scene 3. The main sensor can record videos in up to p at 30 FPS, with our test videos suffering from the same image quality issues that our test photos did. The camera does not change exposure levels smoothly either, and textures often look pixelated.

Corresponding audio recordings are overly quiet too. Blackview also includes a 5 MP front-facing camera, but the less said about it, the better. In short, our test photos tend to look blurry, pixelated, underexposed and lacking in detail. However, they are still on par with other budget smartphones, which is not saying much.

Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We also subjected our review unit to further camera tests under controlled lighting conditions, giving it somewhat of a second chance.

Unfortunately, the sensor only reproduces a few colours accurately, with there also being some strange aberrations as demonstrated by our ColorChecker Passport chart below. The A60 Pro does a better job at capturing our test chart, although contrast levels drop off excessively towards the top-left of the picture.

Blackview does not include a SIM tool as the card slots are accessible by removing the back cover. Oddly, Blackview does not provide any warranty information, which is worrying. You should have no warranty-related problems if you buy the device from a reputable third-party retailer though, as it should provide additional coverage. Blackview preinstalls a screen protector that has a highly resistive finish.

Worryingly, the touchscreen is not sensitive enough even with the protector removed, as our review unit frequently failed to reproduce our inputs onscreen. By contrast, the fingerprint scanner worked reliably and unlocked the device quickly. The A60 Pro has two hardware buttons, a power button and a volume rocker, which are both located on the right-hand side of the device. They both have good pressure points and worked well during our tests, so we have no complaints here.

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The A60 Pro has a 6. Images also look slightly blurred on closer inspection, but this is a flaw of many budget handsets. The display is satisfactorily evenly lit too. There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting.

If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The A60 Pro also has a comparatively low black value that we measure at 0. However, the display suffers from a blue tint that makes colours look overly washed-out. CalMAN and our photo spectrometer reinforce this and demonstrate that the A60 Pro has comparatively low DeltaE colour deviations for a budget smartphone.

In short, the display in our review unit reproduces colours more naturally than our comparison devices do. This can cause health issues like headaches and eye strain for some people, with its Hz PWM frequency being low enough to affect those who are PWM sensitive. The A60 Pro gets bright enough to use outdoors. However, we would recommend finding a shady spot where possible as bright sunlight overpowers the screen and makes it difficult to read.

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The preinstalled screen protector catches the light and is highly reflective too. Our review unit has stable viewing angles as well, but it does suffer from visible colour shifts at acute angles as the photo below demonstrates. Our review unit performed well in synthetic benchmarks, with it consistently finishing second to the Redmi 7A. System performance is usually smooth, with apps and the OS loading quickly. The system keeps several background apps open simultaneously too, which is not always the case with budget handsets. The same is the case with browser benchmarks, although the A60 Pro occasionally has the edge over the Redmi 7A.

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Samsung Galaxy A6s vs Samsung Galaxy A60

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