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AC Market provides you with an interesting interface that is really simple to use, and you will also have thousands of applications at your disposal. You will be able to choose between those that are completely free and exclusive ones i. In addition, there are also some custom features that are going to increase your user experience.

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Furthermore, their support team is at your disposal at any time meaning that you can always contact them if you are experiencing any kind of issues, and they are going to resolve them as soon as possible. Without a doubt, Aptoid is one of the most popular third-party stores with its million users.

It was firstly released almost 10 years ago, in , and up until now, it has been downloaded 7 billion times. On this platform, you will be able to find between 1 million different choices without any geo-restrictions. This Portugal based company takes pride in its security system. They use the best malware detection system which ensures the safety of your data and also thoroughly checks each one on the platform.

The former one is designed as a store for your smart TV, while the latter offers content and games created for children. GetJar was created by developers for developers as a testing platform back in However, soon it became a platform where users can find and download numerous types. The company collaborates with Finnish video game developer Rovio which means that you can find the entire franchise of Angry Birds here.

All of them are divided into over 20 categories, everything from education and games to lifestyle and finance. It is powered by 3, mAh battery, and supports dual engine fast-charging technology — which the company claims would charge 24 per cent battery in 15 minutes.

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Priced at an Rs 28,, th…. March 18, Former porn star-turned-sports commentator Mia Khalifa is engaged to long-time boyfriend chef Robert Sandberg. Sandberg proposed to her in Chicago. Sandberg reportedly hid a ring in a bowl of dried ingredients and the Lebanese-American star almost ate the ring but he was on ground to warn her, and he proposed to her on the spot.

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She said yes, reports guardian. Sharing the news on his Instagram page, Sandberg wrote: "We went to Chicago this weekend and had a wonderful dinner at Smyth. I proposed to Mia Khalifa and she said yes! Mia was too curious and too eager to taste so she started to eat the inedible ingredients. Country: United States. Customer Reviews. Searching for relevant results You Viewed.

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