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And lastly, the third camera has a 5MP sensor that allows for those bokeh effects to give you classic portraits that stand out from the background. Flip the phone over and the front is a different look altogether — yes — no more ugly notch.

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Vivo has managed to slip away the selfie camera into the body, behind the display, that pops up when called for. This camera sports a massive 32MP sensor, which makes this smartphone the first in the world to have a 32MP selfie camera, and that pops up with grace. The front has a large Ultra FullView display panel that is patented by Vivo. The display is a There is a very slim chin that is present, but it is not as prominent. Vivo has also managed to make massive changes to the sensors that run necessary detections for the UI and are neatly tucked beneath the display itself.

The earpiece also takes its place, neatly sandwiched between the display glass and the frame, with a very thin speaker grille barely noticeable.

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Lastly, an in-display fingerprint sensor takes its place on the bottom half. This sensor has improved over the previous generations and is now faster than before with some cool animations too. This chip is based on 11nm technology and sports eight cores clocked at 2GHz.

The phone weighs around g and is 8. Bundled along with the phone is a hard protective case, a pair of earphones and the standard micro USB cable with a power adapter. As for the performance, the user interface is good enough, but one will need a lot of getting used to if you are upgrading from another brand. During our use we did not find any sluggish behaviour or mishaps; however, it will completely depend if the phone is driven to the edge with multiple apps installed and the storage filling up in time.

It is completely subjective from person to person and will depend on individual usage, accordingly. However, given our experience with previous Vivo smartphones, the UI seems to keep up in shape even after prolonged use. But what concerns us is the unwanted bloatware that Vivo has been pre-installing on these babies. Playing casual games, streaming media or making calls, The Vivo V15 Pro will last you well throughout the day till you find that charging cable at night. Gaming is smooth and you can play around with most high-end games with ease, but make sure to keep those settings to medium or moderate to keep them running flawlessly and longer, and cooler.

The phone does not heat up either, and probably thanks intelligent heat dissipating and management hardware that Vivo has kept in mind. The user interface can be unlocked with various methods apart from the regular PIN code method. The fingerprint scanner and the face unlock option are also available, but you can use the face unlock only if the fingerprint scanner is enabled.

Unlocking the device seems fairly faster with face unlock than the fingerprint option alone. The face unlock pops up the selfie camera and scans your face within 0.

Vivo V15 10+ Software & Hardware Features!✋🏻🤚🏻

In the event of low light or in a dark environment or if you are not facing the camera, the fingerprint sensor needs to be used to further unlock the device. The fingerprint sensor also requires a bit of pressure to unlock, which we found a bit annoying, but in due course of time, we have gotten used to it and it really did not matter as much thereon. The fingerprint scanner also has three cool animations that can be used while unlocking.

Vivo V15 Pro 8GB/GB | Asianic Distributors Inc. Philippines

The selfie camera also pops up to some cool audio effects too that can be changed from the settings or turned off completely. If you plan to own one of these devices, make sure you play around with most of its animations and audio effects to get your favourite one set. The selfie camera uses a precise micro stepper motor to help it pop out of the housing.

This is done very smoothly and instantly. It usually stays inside when in normal use and only pops out when you need it for face unlock or when using the camera in selfie mode. The camera can withstand rising up, up to , times without any glitch, states the brand. Vivo claims that you can use the pop-up camera almost times a day or for a total lifespan of 8 years, without having to bother about malfunctions.

They also state that the camera housing is pretty strong and can withstand up to kg of pressure without breaking — however, we never dared to negate that. Coming to the performance of the cameras, the rear sensor seems to perform with excellent results. However, we did find a few areas that did not impress us. In fact, the three are used together almost simultaneously and flawlessly when you require it.

Simply access the camera app and shoot and the camera UI takes care of the sensor switches. Photos turn out vibrant and colours pop out crazily. Images are pretty sharp and clear, especially when shot in broad daylight.

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  • Colours look very natural and thanks to the vibrant display, they look rich on the phone itself. Indoor shots with sufficient lighting also look great with sharp focus, great colours and adequate white balance. However, low light photography takes a bit of beating. Using the night mode option is good enough, but we have seen better results than what this baby can capture. The professional mode gives you an advantage over the white balance, ISO and shutter speeds to manage your shots personally. However, you can also leave it to the AI scene detection mode to manage it all.

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    Vivo V15 Pro with in-display fingerprint scanner, pop up selfie camera to launch tomorrow

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