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In this paper, we are interested in analyzing this behavior. To this end, we propose a novel framework for visual localization from relative poses. Using a classical feature-based approach within this framework, we show state-of-the-art performance. Replacing the classical approach with learned alternatives at various levels, we then identify the reasons for why deep learned approaches do not perform well. Based on our analysis, we make recommendations for future work. Place recognition techniques are also related to the visual localization problem as they can be used to determine which part of a scene might be visible in a query image Cao and Snavely ;Sattler et al.

As such, place recognition techniques are used to reduce the amount of data that has to be kept in RAM, as the regions visible in the retrieved images might be loaded from disk on demand Arth et al. Yet, loading 3D points from disk results in high query latency. Large-scale, real-time visual-inertial localization revisited. Jun The overarching goals in image-based localization are scale, robustness and speed.

In recent years, approaches based on local features and sparse 3D point-cloud models have both dominated the benchmarks and seen successful realworld deployment. They enable applications ranging from robot navigation, autonomous driving, virtual and augmented reality to device geo-localization. Recently end-to-end learned localization approaches have been proposed which show promising results on small scale datasets.

We aim to deploy localization at global-scale where one thus relies on methods using local features and sparse 3D models. Our approach spans from offline model building to real-time client-side pose fusion. The system compresses appearance and geometry of the scene for efficient model storage and lookup leading to scalability beyond what what has been previously demonstrated. It allows for low-latency localization queries and efficient fusion run in real-time on mobile platforms by combining server-side localization with real-time visual-inertial-based camera pose tracking.

In order to further improve efficiency we leverage a combination of priors, nearest neighbor search, geometric match culling and a cascaded pose candidate refinement step. This combination outperforms previous approaches when working with large scale models and allows deployment at unprecedented scale. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach on a proof-of-concept system localizing 2. These matches are established by descriptor matching [21,37,39,59,63,68,69,81] or by regressing 3D coordinates from pixel patches [, 16, 23, 43, 46, 47, 65].

Descriptor-based methods handle city-scale scenes [37,39,68,81] and run in real-time on mobile devices [6, 38,41,48]. Mar Visual localization is the task of accurate camera pose estimation in a known scene. Traditionally, the localization problem has been tackled using 3D geometry. Recently, end-to-end approaches based on convolutional neural networks have become popular. These methods learn to directly regress the camera pose from an input image. However, they do not achieve the same level of pose accuracy as 3D structure-based methods.

To understand this behavior, we develop a theoretical model for camera pose regression.

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We use our model to predict failure cases for pose regression techniques and verify our predictions through experiments. We furthermore use our model to show that pose regression is more closely related to pose approximation via image retrieval than to accurate pose estimation via 3D structure.

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A key result is that current approaches do not consistently outperform a handcrafted image retrieval baseline. This clearly shows that additional research is needed before pose regression algorithms are ready to compete with structure-based methods. Note that only the related sub-models need to be transferred into internal memory for processing, thus internal memory requirement is small.

Some earlier works tried to build localization systems that run on mobile devices. However, this work is confined to small workspaces and requires the initial query image location with the support of WiFi, GPS, Therefore, in our system, we use con- secutive GSV placemarks to define a segment. Although [20] has also proposed to divide a scene into multiple segments, their design parameters have not been studied. Moreover, their design is not memory-efficient and covers only a small workspace area. We present the design of an entire on-device system for large-scale urban localization using images.

The proposed design integrates compact image retrieval and 2D-3D correspondence search to estimate the location in extensive city regions.

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Our design is GPS agnostic and does not require network connection. In order to overcome the resource constraints of mobile devices, we propose a system design that leverages the scalability advantage of image retrieval and accuracy of 3D model-based localization. Furthermore, we propose a new hashing-based cascade search for fast computation of 2D-3D correspondences. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our 2D-3D correspondence search achieves state-of-the-art localization accuracy on multiple benchmark datasets.

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