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Again, I presume I got this option because I signed into my Google account earlier in the setup process.

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Also, do I even have a Samsung account? Finally, your Galaxy Note 10 is ready for you to use it.

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The very first thing I like to do when I get a new Android smartphone is to fire up Google Play and check for updates for any of the preinstalled apps. I then pull up the Settings app and visit Software Update, toward the bottom. While your device should have already downloaded and installed any critical updates when you signed into your wifi during the initial setup process, I like to be thorough. Finally, and this is specific to Samsung, but I went and downloaded its brand-new DeX application for Windows and Mac. And the Settings app is full of menus within menus within menus.

Turn the option on, and then tap it. Change this to something shorter such as Red Dwarf , or whatever you want, by tapping on Notification sounds and picking whatever. I found it easiest to play a YouTube movie trailer in picture-in-picture mode, and then flip the setting on and off to see how I felt.

Pop on some headphones or earbuds, tap it, and pick your age bracket under 30, 30—60, or over Tap on the Blue light filter and Night mode settings to schedule them, which will allow your phone to automatically flip on each feature when it starts getting dark.

Give it a try and see if it improves your experience. However, it supports a screen resolution as high as by You can also tap App icon badges to replace notification numbers with red dots, in case the number of unread messages in your email app is terrifying. Make your Edge Lighting look gorgeous: One of my favorite features on the Galaxy Note 10 is its edge screen, which can glow in a myriad of different ways to give you notifications.

You can also select a different Edge panel entirely, featuring live messages, people you frequently contact, the weather forecast, and reminders to name a few options.

Top Galaxy S10 tips and tricks for Samsung's new phones

You can also change the order of the buttons themselves. Get wild. Tap the setting, and you can pick from a variety of fun options:. Turn your smartphone into a ticking time bomb: OK, not really , but if you tap on Secure lock settings, you can pick how long your phone should wait before automatically locking once the screen turns off. Adjust your Always On Display to make it You can also set it to always display this information—your poor battery—or stay on during scheduled times. Pretty up your lock screen: Tap on Dynamic Lock screen to give it some style.

You can pick from rotating images of landscapes, life, food, pets, or art. Give yourself a secure folder to hide things in: If you want a bit more security for certain apps and data, you can use the Secure Folder option to create a little protected storage space on your device.

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Anyone using your phone will need to authenticate as you via whatever locking method you want in order to access its contents, and you can even hide the folder itself on your Apps screen for extra safekeeping. Pin apps to the screen when you let your friends use your phone: I love this feature.

Tap Shortcuts to modify the various apps and features that appear whenever you remove your S Pen from the smartphone. Create fun automations on your device: Open up Bixby Routines if you want to create triggers and other fun automations on your device. Receive phone calls and texts on other Samsung devices: If you have other Samsung devices, enable this feature to ensure that you can also make and receive calls and messages on them.

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This app turns your Samsung Galaxy S10's camera cutout into a nifty battery monitor

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Since I've started using your monitoring app, I feel like I've got the perfect parental control instrument for my family. The parental control apps I've used so far for my family, it is the most consistent. Which spy app should I choose for tracking my son's Galaxy S10?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus - Oxygen Saturation Measure Demo

Samsung Spy App is the No. Own this software to Safeguard your Loved Ones or your Business. Start tracking their Galaxy S10 Remotely.

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