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The company has to stick with the similar body size and style so the phone can accommodate all the existing Moto Mods.

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Still, there are small variations. The front of the phone is where the main design differences lie. Motorola has finally adopted an edge-to-edge display for the Moto Z4, with rounded corners and a bubble-shaped teardrop notch for the front-facing camera. The phone is available in Flash Grey and Frost White, and apart from the different colors the back of the phone, looks almost the same as previous Moto Z devices. Both the front and back utilize Gorilla Glass 3. The 3. It uses pixel binning technology, so it combines pixels so they can take in more light, hence the lower resolution output.

It has a Night Vision mode, for example, and supports Google Lens. The front cam also supports the same Quad Pixel technology, resulting in an effective output of 6. Unlike the rear camera, you can not use the Quad Pixel mode and opt for taking full megapixel selfies. How to choose a smartphone by brand, carrier, or features 2 days ago. As far as that micro notch, it really is just that. Think of it as a small tear or raindrop that slightly punches out the top center of the display.

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It doesn't really interfere with any software use cases or applications, and it holds the front-facing camera. At the end of the day, you're not losing any screen real estate, and it fits nicely with the bezels going around the display.

The 5 Best Motorola Apps of 2020

If Motorola had opted for a pop-up front-facing camera to make it a truly all-screen device, the price would likely be a lot more. While the overall display performs really well, the in-display fingerprint sensor leaves you wanting more. I definitely applaud the Moto Z4 team for including this, but at the end of the day, this optical sensor is really hit or miss. I've tried removing mine and adding it again several times, but it doesn't deliver a performance boost. I found it to be awkward and annoying, and most of the time it wouldn't even unlock the phone.

You have to be very precise when placing your finger and get it just right. I'm hoping this can be improved with future software updates but for now, I'd likely opt for a PIN. The Moto Z4 is thin, but Motorola still managed to pack a large battery inside -- a nonremovable 3,mAh battery that is paired with both a conservative display and processor. Motorola worked some software magic to maximize the performance here. Motorola estimates two full days of battery life for most users, and I got pretty close to it even with heavy use. From light productivity tasks to a few games of Fortnite and streaming, this still lasted nearly a day and a half.

If I take the gaming out, and keep in productivity, phone calls, messaging and streaming, it would last for close to two full days, so it's really impressive on its own. But since this supports Moto Mods , those power-hungry users can get an extra battery to pop in on the back. The included power brick supports Turbo Power charging at 15 watts, so you can fast charge this device via the included setup.

Motorola Moto Z4 smartphone - Consumer Reports

But out of the box, the Moto Z4 does not support wireless charging. Motorola opted for a pretty standard Qualcomm Snapdragon processor inside that is clocked at 2. You may experience some lags when a lot of applications are open, but for the most part, it will perform well.

It's running Android 9. It's close to clean Android, without a lot of preinstalled apps, which is very nice to see. And if you've been following Motorola, you'll still get the same quick look display you're used to. The new trick here is that you can wave your hand over the phone, without touching it, to get it to turn on. It still lets you see notifications, the time, battery life and the date. You'll also get Motorola quick actions like a chop-chop to turn on the flashlight, or a twist of your wrist while holding the phone to open the camera.

I really enjoy these and how natural they have become, but Motorola hasn't introduced any new ones.

Motorola’s Moto Z4 is totally fine, and that’s not good enough

In terms of storage, you'll get GB internally, with the option to expand via a microSD card. Out of the box, you'll find some Google applications preloaded and several Amazon apps. And if you'd like, you can have Amazon's Alexa be the virtual assistant on the phone. This is a nice bonus, especially if you're already attached to that ecosystem.

The back features a megapixel single lens to act as the main camera, and the good news is that it performs really well.

While it calls on AI for features like bokeh or portrait mode, Motorola has done some good work in that area. Most images look great and capture a large amount of detail. There are some new enhancements in the camera app like auto-framing, which helps you to master the rule of thirds, but I think most users will like the ability to quickly capture a shot. New for the Moto Z4 is a low-light mode, which essentially uses AI and custom processing techniques to enhance low-light images. Overall, Motorola's low-light mode performs well but tends to exaggerate some colors.