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That doesn't happen on older iPhones, and more importantly, goes against Apple's privacy policy and general gestalt. Rather than clearing the issue up at the time, Apple brushed off Krebs, giving no explanation other than that it was expected behavior. A few days later, the company finally gave a real answer. It turns out to be related to the new ultra wideband technology enabled by the U1 chip inside of Apple's latest phones.

The location pings are there to make sure you're not in one of those locations, and the info never leaves the phone itself. All of which sounds reasonable enough, although it's still extremely unclear why Apple couldn't have just said all of that in the first place.

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There's nothing especially fancy about the way hackers parted a Chinese venture capital company from its million-dollar investment in an Israeli startup, but it's an impressive example of the genre. The attackers noticed an email telegraphing the upcoming money transfer, and created fake domains that looked like the two companies respectively. By sending emails to each organization pretending to be from the other, the hackers were able to intercept every step of the ensuing correspondence, altering details along the way—like banking details.

It's all very clever! Highly illegal, of course, and morally wrong. But clever!

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A virtual private network ostensibly keeps your internet browsing safe from prying eyes. But a newly disclosed vulnerability in Unix-based operating systems—that's everything from Linux to macOS—leaves those VPN connections at risk of sniffing or even hijacking. The good news is that it's a tricky exploit to pull off, so you're probably not at risk unless a particularly talented hacker has eyes on you. The bad news?

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VPNs were already hard enough to trust. On October 21, documents hit the internet that purported to show sensitive details about UK trade talks with the US.

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On Monday, Reuters reported that the release had the hallmarks of a coordinated Russian disinformation campaign. Friday afternoon, Reddit itself confirmed as much. Remember, friends! Russian intelligence operations haven't slowed down since , and they're not going to. Brian Barrett is the digital director at WIRED, covering security, consumer technology, and anything else that seems interesting.

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Apple launches game subscription service. Apple introduces new TV Channels storefront. See the winners of the iPhone photo challenge. The feature caused confusion this week when security reporter Brian Krebs reported that Apple's new iPhone 11 Pro was seeking a user's location even when the phone's Location Services were disabled. His observation prompted concerns about Apple tracking users' locations even when users expressly requested that the company not do so.

Apple denied this was the case. Krebs' post on Tuesday reported that Apple said what he was observing was by design.

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But Krebs noted that Apple's response seemed to contradict its privacy policy. Krebs eventually concluded that Apple phones may "have some system services that query your location regardless of whether one has disabled this setting individually for all apps and iOS system services. In a followup on Thursday , Apple told Krebs the activity was related to its new ultra wideband technology. The tech is an industry standard that's subject to international regulatory requirements that require it to be off in certain locations, according to a statement from Apple to Krebs.