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Pop-up selfie cameras are now a common occurrence. The Redmi K20 employs it to good effect. A pretty-looking blue LED surrounds the pop-up mechanism as it, well, pops out. Xiaomi claims the mechanism has been tested for over , elevations, which should quell any fears about the solidity of the apparatus. Yes, it will automatically retract if you drop your phone with the camera out.

My only gripe with the pop-up camera is that it is just a bit too slow at elevating.

Navigation menu

You can deal with it when taking a selfie, but this is not going to cut it if you expect to use the face-unlock option. The location of the notification LED makes it fairly pointless, but the always-on display compensates for it. Like most recent Redmi phones, the K20 has a p2i coating which makes it resistant to splashes. The phone has a fast and responsive in-display fingerprint sensor as well.

The Redmi K20 sports the same excellent display as the K20 Pro. The panel is great to look at and displays fantastic viewing angles with minimal color shift, except for some blue shift at extreme angles. Our lab testing revealed brightness levels as high as nits which is sufficient for outdoor viewing even on a sunny day.

Redmi K20 Pro Phones: abbeytest.suscopts.org

There are ample software options to tweak the color profile of the display. The default picture profile errs on the side of over-saturation, but is bound to please anyone who watches a lot of multimedia content and likes a contrast-rich panel. Additionally, the phone has support for the Widevine L1 DRM to allow playback of high-resolution streaming content. The biggest difference between the Redmi K20 and the K20 Pro is the drop in specifications.

That said, this drop in specifications did not make any difference in day-to-day usability. Combined with the highly optimized build of MIUI and Poco launcher, there were was no lag to be found.

Android 10 arrives on the Xiaomi Redmi K20 & Mi 9T

The drop in specifications compared to the Redmi K20 Pro makes little difference in everyday usability. RAM management is great and the phone can handily juggle a few apps. Games run without a stutter and I was able to push PUBG to its highest settings without any issue at all. If I were to nitpick, heavier apps and games take a smidgen longer than the Redmi K20 Pro to start up, but this is to be expected and, realistically, it makes no appreciable difference to usability. The Redmi K20 packs enough grunt for almost any user. Synthetic benchmarks were right in line with what we expected from the Snapdragon on the Redmi K A 4,mAh battery is par for the course for Redmi devices.

Over the course of testing, I routinely managed a day and a half or even more between charges with screen-on-time clocking in at about 7 hours. In our standard browsing test, the phone managed over 14 hours of continuous browsing. Charging with the included 18W charger takes a little over an hour and a half.

Xiaomi has made strides to add features to their Android skin. Debuting first on the Pocophone F1 , Poco launcher brings an app drawer, app category-based groupings, a local search bar, and many other additions to the user experience. Also unique to the Redmi K series is the fact that there are no ads onboard. There are no interstitial ads while installing apps or on the lockscreen or anywhere else for that matter.

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You will still be bombarded by notification spam with constant alerts from system apps but it is trivial to disable that. Other interesting software additions include a game speed booster. Getting to it is a bit of a task that involves navigating to the pre-installed security app. The game speed booster app gives you recommendations for games to play and optimises your phone for a more streamlined gaming experience. This includes setting the phone to performance mode and providing additional overlays and settings for whitelisted games.

The camera set up on the Redmi K20 is nearly identical to that on the K20 Pro. For all practical purposes, the camera setup and tuning are identical on both phones. Between the high-resolution primary camera, the ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, there is a lot of versatility in the camera set up. As you would expect, it is easy to toggle between full-resolution 48MP shots as well as the recommended pixel-binned 12MP version.

Redmi K20 design

I was generally impressed by the image quality from the primary camera. As is expected from Xiaomi phones, there is a slight saturation boost, but it does not detract from the image quality. Similarly, dynamic range is fairly decent with the phone retaining details in the shadow region.

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  7. Noise levels too, are under control. All call-related settings can be found in dialer settings. From here you may customize things like call waiting and call recording on K20 Pro. There is also an option to enable flash notifications for incoming calls. From here, you can alter app drawer grid size, enable double-tap to wake, and make other changes to make the launcher better suit your navigation needs.

    Redmi K20 Pro Teardown - Value Champion is Clear!?

    Xiaomi has introduced new Sky filters on Redmi K20 Pro which can completely replace the blues or greys above the skyline. This could be both artistic or appalling depending on the way you look at it. You can access these filters by opening an image in the gallery and then opening edit options. Next, go to filters and try Sky filters. The Redmi K20 Pro camera app also includes several interesting options like Portrait mode and Night mode.

    From camera setting, you can also turn off selfie mirroring and customize or remove the watermark that automatically applies to clicked images. Apart from the tricks and features that we have mentioned above, the Redmi K20 Pro includes the usual MIUI options to change font or text size, quick ball, navigation gestures, One-hand mode, second space, raise to wake and more.

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    Of course, all of these features will also work for the Redmi K20 which is almost the same phone but with a different chipset. I wants to disable google crome on k20 pro but when i disable and clear data the aap mb goes on increasing. In starting it was 18 mb abd not after clear data it is 84 mb. How to reduce it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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