Galaxy Note 10 Plus Cheat Sheet

Simply remove the S Pen while the phone is asleep, and you can create a note with Screen-off Memo. The interface is sparse by design. All you have is a few color options, line thickness, and an eraser. Notes created with Screen-off Memo automatically save to Samsung Notes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Disassembly Teardown Repair Video

As the name implies, this feature plugs into Windows 10 PCs, allowing you to manage text messages, see notifications, access photos, and more. Then, install the Your Phone app from the Microsoft Store. After allowing app permissions, your content should show up on your computer instantly. This phone still has the now-familiar DeX functionality when you plug it into an external monitor, but you can also run DeX on a Windows or Mac computer.

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  • Problem #2: Accidental screen touches.

After installing the desktop app, simply plug in the Note 10 and tap the DeX notification. Choose your navigation buttons Samsung still defaults to the standard button navigation system, but you can make some changes. Samsung Customize the Air Command popup The S Pen works as a stylus as soon as you remove it from the phone, but the Air Command popup can give you quick access to stylus-specific features.

Samsung Floating lock screen shortcuts The Galaxy Note 10 has an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor like the Galaxy S Samsung Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. The focus on the S20 line this year is universal 5G and improved camera experiences. Battery capacity ranges from 4, to 5,mAh.

The S20 does not support high band mmWave faster 5G networks so make sure you pick the device that will fit your network needs. An argument can be made that the S20 series isn't the best smartphone available today, but in terms of 5G and the latest technology, they are tough to beat. The price makes them a bit tougher to justify, but when you realize how this tool is used constantly the price for the value is easier to comprehend. This phase of the 5G network currently offers minor speed improvements but enhances the range, penetration, and reliability of the wireless network.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Review: Democratizing the S Pen experience

Triple rear cameras are found on the back with a 16 megapixel rising from the top just when you need it. The design is elegant and the build quality is superb. There is no certification for dust and water resistance and a 3. Unlike the majority of phones today, there is no notch or hole-punch in the display for the camera.

The front-facing camera extends and retracts out of the top only when in active use. This helps make the phone perfect for working with documents and spreadsheets during the workday or watching media content during your commute. The phone is running the latest version of Android 10 and is regularly updated with the latest Android security update.

There are also some cool Papaya Orange highlights and McLaren software elements. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 sat on top of our 10 best smartphone list for much of the past year and was at the top of this list earlier this year.

How to edit videos on the Galaxy Note 10

While the headphone jack is gone, everything else has been improved on the version of the Galaxy Note. The Note 10 is now offered in two variants, with the presence of a microSD card slot, display size, and battery capacity being the prime differentiators. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is an excellent enterprise smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, massive amounts of RAM, fast internal storage, microSD card expansion, capable rear quad-camera system, and much more. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a Link to the Windows button in the quick controls area along with support for the latest version of DeX.

There are also increased RAM and storage options for both devices, but the default base models offer ample RAM and storage for most users. The Note 10 Plus is available now from Samsung and all carriers. Apple has also been struggling with iOS 13 performance issues, which is why it doesn't remain at the top of this list. The only differences between the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are the display size and battery capacity. There's a lot to be said for a phone that is easily pocketable and capable of satisfying people with smaller hands.

It's usable with one hand. Apple has once again shown it bests all other phones in benchmarking testing with the Apple A13 Bionic chipset. It has a fabulous OLED screen, good-sized battery with a rating of four hours more than last year's iPhone, and new camera hardware with improved software to make it a very compelling flagship. It continues to get regular updates one coming within the first week of release and iOS apps are still better than comparable Android apps, despite the improvements in Android phones. Face ID continues to be one of the fastest and most secure methods of maintaining security on your phone, and the version in the iPhone 11 Pro has been improved for better performance.

Google may release an alternative with the upcoming Pixel 4, but current ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are not proving very reliable for consistent performance.

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There are some attractive colors for enterprise users and compared to the iPhone 11, the Pro version is more focused on business users. Thus, the iPhone 11 with GB is an excellent option for most people. The iPhone 11 has a size between the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max with long battery life, capable processor, several color options, and rear dual camera setup. The iPhone 11 has an ultra-wide angle and standard rear cameras but doesn't have the 2x telephoto zoom lens found on the other new iPhone 11 models.

Six colors are available so there is one to appeal to everyone.

Galaxy Note 10 tips: 10 things to do first | PCWorld

Samsung's current mass-market flagship is a winner in almost every respect, remaining a more affordable and pocketable option compared to the new Note 10 series. To edit a specific file, you tap on it and press the pencil icon that appears. Turn the phone sideways to see more of your timeline while editing. Removing unnecessary parts from a video can be easily done in the Galaxy Note 10 video editor.

First, be sure to have the Trim tool selected in the toolbar at the bottom. Then use the "handles" at the start and at the end of the clip to remove the footage you don't need. There is no easy way to remove a portion in the middle of a video clip. A workaround to this limitation is to import the same video clip twice to your project and trim each instance individually. Pro Tip: use the S Pen to trim your videos with greater precision. There's not a whole lot to say about them. You can use a filter if you want to achieve a certain dramatic effect in a portion of your clip. Note that if you have multiple files in your video timeline, filters are applied to each of them individually.

If a face is detected in your video clip, you'll get an icon in the toolbar for a tool that lets you adjust the appearance of faces. The tool works even if you have multiple faces in the frame, as long as they're close enough to the camera to be recognized. The next tool in the toolbox lets you add text over the video. You have 4 font styles to work with.

You can pick any color for the text — or have it appear as white or black text against a colored background. There's a limit of one caption per clip.

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