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But in front we get Corning Gorilla Glass 5. An oleophobic coating was applied on all sides, and traces of use were barely visible. The build quality is top notch, the smartphone has no problems in this regard. On the card slot you can see the rubberized seal.

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But it is not worth checking the moisture protection, because they do not officially declare it. Finally, I will mention the available color schemes. Above the display we get light and proximity sensors, a selfie camera and a speaker. Below is an empty area. On the right side there is a power button and a volume control key. The lower edge is taken by the USB Type-C port in the center, the microphone stylized as a speaker and a multimedia speaker.

At the top there is a 3. The solution is interesting, but in order for it to work you have to put the smartphone down on the screen.

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There may also be problems choosing a case. You will have to look for a transparent one, or with a special cutout for the logo they are already on sale. The dimensions of the smartphone are quite standard and correspond to its diagonal — If you want something compact, choose Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. The buttons are located well. The camera unit is noticeably smaller than in Mi 9 SE and this is very good. In general, Mi 9 Lite is convenient. But only in the case, since without it the device is very slippery.

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The screen size in the smartphone is 6. The aspect ratio is The screen here is very good, there is a decent margin of brightness, and according to the manufacturer, it can reach nits, and a typical value is nits. In any case, even on a sunny day on the street, the readability of the display remains excellent.

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The picture is traditionally saturated and contrasty, viewing angles are excellent. White color under certain angles goes into multi-colored overflows. Extensive settings are available: reading mode, color rendering settings with three profiles: auto-tuning, increased contrast and standard. Saturation is greatly increased in the second mode, colors become toxic, and the standard one will suit those who like natural color reproduction. In addition, there is a widely customizable Always-On with a choice of different watchfaces and scenarios to enable the mode.

The display can be activated in several ways — by lifting the smartphone or double-tap. Xiaomi also does not ignore the problem of eye fatigue from screen flickering at low brightness levels pulse width modulation , which some users encounter. Thus was added the option of DC dimming. The situation is better than Mi A3.

The eight cores are divided into two clusters: two Kryo Gold cores with a maximum clock frequency of up to 2. Graphics is handled by Adreno My phone uses a 64 GB flash drive, of which Let me remind you that there is a GB version on sale. However, we can again recall Mi 9 SE that had no option to expand storage at all. There are no problems with the responsiveness of the shell; applications open quickly.

Very rarely, microlags of animations can occur, for example, when minimizing the application when you use gestures. You can play games, but you should understand that the device is not for gaming. This means that for comfortable FPS in heavy titles it is worth choosing medium sometimes high graphics settings. If you twist it to the maximum, then you can get these numbers:.

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Traditionally, by default, images from the main sensor are saved in a resolution of 12 megapixels. With a direct comparison, the advantages of the 48 megapixel mode over the 12 megapixel seem nonexistent. So if you do not need twice the resolution and file size, do not bother with that. Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite makes good photos: excellent detail, correct color reproduction and a fairly wide dynamic range. I like how it performs indoors — the noise reduction is used very carefully.

In poor conditions, too, not all is lost. The night mode can make the photo lighter with less noise, but then it will be a little less clear than in automatic mode. Artificial intelligence, of course, is there, and it mainly affects the saturation and contrast of the image, but does not go too far with this matter. The ultra-wide-angle module is suitable for use during the day and preferably outdoors, because in other scenarios it is noisy and blurry.

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No autofocus, no macro. However, nothing new. For landscapes and architecture, its capabilities are enough. Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite is capable of recording video in maximum 4K resolution with 30 fps. The quality of such clips is good, but there is no electronic stabilization. The latter appears only when switching to p and 30 fps, even at 60 FPS it disappears. The camera application contains all the necessary modes: night, manual, panorama, portrait.

There is a pretty useless additional button for digital double zoom. An optical fingerprint scanner is installed under the display. The desired area can be displayed on the deactivated screen when lifting the smartphone or after tap on the screen. After a couple of hours of interaction with the device, the approximate position will be remembered and you can unlock the device without even looking. The response speed is normal for the sub-screen sensor, but as before it does not reach standard scanners.

It is also best to add one fingerprint several times, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful unlock. The second way is unlocking via face recognition using the front camera. The battery in the Mi 9 Lite has a capacity of mAh. The battery life overall is excellent. Expect about That is, I have enough for a day and a half. A more objective indicator, the PCMark 2. Add to that fast charging or recharging out of the box, and you get the following speed of charging:.

The speaker in the smartphone is high-quality, the voices are loud and clear. The sound is frankly unpleasant at maximum volume. Even in Mi A3 the situation is better. In wired headphones, the quality is pretty ordinary, plus I did not have enough volume margin. But there is a 3. Of course, the sound can be improved by the built-in equalizer.

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In wireless mode we immediately get good sound and a decent volume level. Equalizer with Bluetooth headsets no longer works, of course, which is a pity. Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite has a full range of wireless modules: dual-band Wi-Fi All of them cope with their tasks perfectly. There is not the slightest doubt that MIUI 11 will soon appear, and most likely the tenth version of the operating system.

At the moment, the shell offers everything for which it is loved and it is difficult to find something new in it — all the usual MIUI stuff is here. Many gestures, wide customization, the light indicator on the back operating time, effects, applications can be configured to your liking. Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite is an excellent mid-range smartphone with the minimum number of shortcomings and lots of advantages. The smartphone is wonderful — it has everything that you might want from a mid-ranger. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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