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Sort by: Newest Oldest. So far I'm very pleased with this phone Motorola Moto G6 Amazon edition ; everything on it works very well.

Moto G6 specifications

It's fast 4 GB of RAM means apps don't get swapped out as often , the finger print sensor is accurate and fast, the camera is quite a step up from my previous phone, and with light usage a single charge can last me two days; with more normal usage it needs a charge once a day. Charging takes around 30 minutes with the provided charger. I use a Bluetooth headset with the phone, which works well, and the GPS receiver seems sensitive as Waze so far hasn't complained about loosing the GPS signal. All in all I feel this phone gives a lot of value for the money.

I bought this mobile on recommendation from a computer magazine. I had problems with Amazon in delivery which was eventually resolved. The phone itself is all I could ask for in an item that does not pretend to be top of the range but seems to perform as one. NFC facility a bonus and turbo charge is great.

Fingerprint ID works well, shame not many apps have this facility. Camera is good enough for what I require. The reason for swapping phones was the old one's controls were at the top of the screen so when answering calls my ear would put them on hold so frustrating this ones controls are in the middle so no problems.

Highly recommend as a medium priced phone that performs better than the price would suggest. Update: Phone signal drops frequently even before system update. After android 9 update, this phone becomes basically useless. As Dolby Audio can't be switched off, and the phone recognizes usb dac as "speaker" instead of "earphone", one's to endure the worsening sound effect caused by Dolby Audio. Old post: The first thing I've noticed with this phone is that the audio quality's worse than my previous Moto G2 when listening through earphones.

The combination of built-in DAC, Dolby Audio or perhaps software bugs seems to lower the audio quality even for lossless music files e. When Dolby Audio's on, Volume Leveler makes a song louder in the first few seconds and quieter for the rest. I was however shocked at how brilliant this device is, I now wish I switched earlier.

There is simply no need to be 'suckered' into purchasing a high end device unless you're swayed by peer pressure.

If there is just one niggle it's that the screen doesn't always 'auto rotate' as quickly as I want it too but we are talking a split second. Battery life is amazing lasting me at least 3 days or more between charges with normal everyday use. This has to be one of the best mobile phone purchase I've ever made and to think I can by 3 of these for the price of one top end phone is simply astounding and I really don't notice any difference.

The O. S is almost pure android and it's a joy.

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Even my Apple addicted kids are impressed! Don't hesitate any longer go get one ;-. An excellent phone for a very good price. Massive memory and dual SIM. Very little pre installed stuff. Screen is very good. The first one didn't work due to internet signal issues, the 2nd replacement was missing half the pixels so had to send that back and got a third after giving it one last chance and finally a working phone!

Never had such trouble before. My last phone was a Moto g5 Amazon exclusive and was just a perfect cheap mid range phone. Impressed with what this has got but am concerned of possible future reliability issue so will update! Update- after 2 faulty phones and giving it a third chance after a few friends had no issues I've had it for 6 months and hasn't let me down or failed in any way which is a first for a smartphone for me. It was certainly luck of the draw.

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Very quick and cracking screen. Thank you Amazon for sorting it out as best as possible. Two reasons to hold back the fifth star, my phone has a intermittent tendancy not to ring. Seems to be a software issue on some Bluetooth ringtones. Secondly, the screen is good but clarity could be better. I'd definitely recommend the phone though Get fast answers from reviewers.

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Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. You can edit your question or post anyway. Please enter a question. Customers also viewed these items. Motorola Moto g7 Play 5. Unfortunately, the Moto G6's camera isn't great in dimly-lit situations, as show by the blurry photo above.

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  7. Had I been standing perfectly still and had more time to compose the shot, perhaps the shot would have been better. But that's not something you need to worry about with high-end smartphones, which usually take great low-light shots even if you're not perfectly still. It turns out that camera quality is a good chunk of what you're paying for when you get the expensive premium devices. Beyond that, the Moto G6 is pretty much for anyone, just as long as they don't really care so much about camera quality.

    You can compare the camera quality to cheap headphones versus expensive headphones. The cheap headphones will still deliver your music, just not as well as the expensive headphones. The same goes for the Moto G6's camera: It'll capture a photo just fine, just not as well as the expensive smartphones. I can safely say that I could have kept using the Moto G6 without looking back at the high-end smartphones had it not been for the lacking camera in low light.

    The OnePlus 6 is a phenomenon in performance and design. And while it doesn't have the absolute best camera on any smartphone, it's high up there with other premium smartphones. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe.

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