2. How to Track A Samsung Galaxy Phone Using Samsung Find My Mobile

Step 3: Launch the KidsGuard Pro app upon installation and sign in with your account. Then, follow the setup instructions to set up the app. Step 4: Then log in to your web portal and select Location option from the side panel to track the location of the Samsung device.

The GPS location of the target phone is displayed on the Google map in real time, so that you can track the current whereabouts of the target Samsung phone and view location history in detail. The app is undetectable on the target Samsung phone, for it will disappear on the monitored device after the installation process, making the target hard to find and delete it.

All the tracked data is stored in a safe location and is inaccessible to others, including KidsGuard Pro support. Find My Mobile from Samsung allows users to track the location of their phone, as well as lock, reset, or backup their device remotely. Since you can also track the location of your device, you can also use this app to find your lost device, or track someone's location. Step 3: Then, you need to select the target Samsung device in the Find My Mobile online interface and track its location. The way can not offer an accurate location tracking solution.

You can only see the approximate location of the target Samsung phone. The third way to track the location of a Smashing phone is by using its IMEI number to track the device. IMEI is a digit number that is unique to every mobile, and if you lost your device, then you could track its IMEI number to track its location. To track the location of a Samsung device, you must first know its IMEI number in advance, for which steps are given below:.

Now, write down the IMEI number and model number of your device somewhere safe. You can also find your device IMEI number on the back panel of your device, or on the battery if it is removable or on the device box. Some info about the notification comes from a Samsung Care Ambassador via SamMobile , which told engineer Rafael Rivera that this "some test on Samsung's end to assure services are working. Samsung Care Ambassador: "From what I can tell, this is a some test on Samsung's end to assure services are working. U expect Samsung will make an official statement explaining but I want to mention it now to hopefully put some of you at ease.

This may be so, but it's still odd from Samsung to blast random phones with a notification like this and provide no context or explanation. Sukantakumar Vivo s1. Nnorul56 Hilang. Lisanawaruwu80 Cari hp hilang.

Samsung's Find My Mobile - As A Samsung Owner, This Is Super Important

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Find phone by IMEI

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Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device - Google Account Help

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[Company clarifies] Mysterious “Find My Mobile” notification popping up on Samsung Galaxy phones

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