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Hello, bought a new Xiaomi Mi6. Have the newest developer fw ruuning on the phone.

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I heard that in the past chinese Phone having bloatware and spyware. But i read nothing about Mi6.

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Everything fine with the phone? Thanks Meter : 1, Join Date: Joined: Dec I wouldn't worry about it. Someone did find that miui sends statistics back to Xiaomi but I think all stock firmwares do it these days. Companies use the data to make more money by making improved products. Its not really fair but in the end I guess we get better products? The only worry is we don't know exactly what they have and what they sell to others Then again does Xiaomi need to sell it to others? Probably more valuable to make better products for them.

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Yeah unless you ditch google apps they are always watching. For evil purposes? Probably not.

The name is quite enigmatic

For those damned adverts? OP Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Feb Hi, then its fine. Statistics is normal, have it also acitvate in my aicp rom for i Ok, when there ist no bloatware which is known as a data spy, will use it first without flashing new rom.

Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Jan Bloatware can be quite a vague term.

The start-up value is phenomenal

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Xiaomi Mi 5 review: The real micoy Despite this, Xiaomi did manage to gain a reputation. Are you a fan of Xiaomi and its devices?

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