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Lenovo Z6 Lite 4G Phablet International Version Specifications

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Specs of Lenovo Watch X Plus

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Updated: Lenovo Z6 Pro camera review - DXOMARK

Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 74 reviews 74 ratings. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Reduced Price. Email address. However, the overall score is dragged down by a sub-par video performance marred by ineffective stabilization and unstable autofocus. The Lenovo performs well in wide-angle mode, though, and ranks among the best in our new Wide ranking. In bright outdoor conditions, target exposure and dynamic range are very good.

The Z6 Pro also achieves one of the best results for outdoor detail preservation, but it still loses some finer details.

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At the same time, image noise is well-controlled, and the camera produces pleasant but sometimes slightly undersaturated colors. Our testers also observed some vignetting across all test conditions. Other artifacts include some strong distortion as well as ringing and color fringing. The Z6 Pro does not perform well in low light and currently ranks last in our new Night test, due mainly to underexposure in flash-off mode and strong exposure variation when using flash.

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Setting the flash to auto mode sometimes triggers it for landscape shots, which is not ideal, as the flash does not reach far enough to illuminate the scene but can create some flare ; moreover, the camera may adjust some image parameters, such as white balance, for flash use.

Exposure is not bad, but some highlight clipping can occur, and we have observed slight but still acceptable white balance casts. There is also some luminance noise. Repeatability is also a point for improvement, as our testers observed strong exposure variations between shots in a series of the same scene. With the flash switched off, exposure for cityscape scenes is often too dark, and the underexposure is often accompanied by a lack of detail and strong clipping in the highlight areas of the frame.

In the comparison below, you can see that the Lenovo image is noticeably darker than the image output from the Huawei P30 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi 9. Levels of detail are lower, too.

Lenovo Z6 Pro Unboxed/ Screw paying a 1000 bucks

In portrait shots, we noted underexposure on faces and strong motion blur when the subject is moving during capture. Luminance is visible in all image areas, and typical street lighting often creates an orange white balance cast. The Z6 Pro does offer a dedicated Night mode, but it is not really an improvement over the default mode when shooting in low light, as images are noisy, and depending on the scene, exposure can be worse than in standard mode.

Shots with the flash forced on display accurate target exposure in portraits, with well-controlled noise and good detail preservation, although a fairly slow exposure time can result in motion blur. The most problematic issue is a strong cyan color cast in flash shots mixed with tungsten lighting, which turns skin tones greenish and looks a little unpleasant. The device features a large 6. Including the latest octa-core Snapdragon 7 nm chipset, the Z6 Pro comes with plenty of processing power, and for photography enthusiasts, the smartphone is advertised as a quad-cam device, with a standard wide-angle camera, a telephoto-lens camera, an ultra-wide-angle camera, and a dedicated 2Mp video camera.

This article is designed to highlight the most important results of our testing. More details on how we score smartphone cameras are available here. Target exposures are good in all lighting conditions, with high levels of contrast when tested under controlled and well-balanced conditions in the lab. In our analysis of natural test scene images, target exposure is good in uniformly-lit scenes.

The Lenovo Z6 Pro does preserve nice detail in the shadow regions while maintaining good overall contrast, however, which provides a pleasant if not overly strong HDR effect. In backlit portraits, the same analysis is borne out, with the Z6 Pro providing an accurately-exposed portrait, but with some very noticeable highlight clipping in the bright background details. Outdoors and especially in low-light conditions, however, the lack of saturation is particularly noticeable when comparing images side-by-side.

The Z6 Pro handles the texture -versus-noise trade-off well, making it a key strength for the device. It manages visual noise well in all lighting conditions, too, with relatively clean areas of uniform color such as the sky ; and even in very low light, luminance noise is relatively low, with little sign of any problematic chromatic noise. The Z6 Pro implements a fairly effective bokeh simulation for blurring backgrounds in Portrait mode.

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The depth-of-field effect is reasonably pleasant, and the bokeh spotlights show good contrast and a nice circular shape. That said, sometimes it renders bokeh spotlights when it should not, with results that appear unnatural, as though there are holes in the background such as in the example below.

Repeatability is good, so the effect is consistently applied when requested and levels of noise are uniform across both the sharp and smoothed areas for a natural effect.

Edge artifacts are sometimes visible, too, and the blur gradient can be a little jarring. We deducted points for obvious artifacts, or image quality flaws. Shooting consecutive images in the lab, defocusing the device between shots and then waiting either a short ms or long ms delay before requesting focus, the Z6 Pro consistently snapped into focus in super-quick time.

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Video exposure on the whole is acceptable, and particularly in well-balanced, uniformly-lit conditions, target exposures are pretty good, except in extreme low-light conditions. Dynamic range is limited in most lighting conditions, though, and both highlight and shadow clipping occur, especially in bright or high-contrast scenes.

Exposure can be a little unstable in natural test scenes, too, where minor changes to the camera position or in lighting conditions cause fluctuations in exposure. Edge detail is particularly well-preserved, even in low light; and although texture scores drop off somewhat as the lighting is reduced, they remain acceptable, although a build-up of coarse spatial noise is fairly prominent in the shadow areas in low-light videos.

Significant wobbles and judders are visible, even in static handheld videos. Boasting the latest Snapdragon chipset, a premium design, with a large 6.