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Life Lifestyle. Add to Wishlist. Family Locator alerts you when your family members have checked in at a location and thanks to GPS sensors in your phone, family locator can also advise if someone is running late. Finding Family The Life app uses state-of-the-art GPS location technology to report the real-time whereabouts of those that have accepted your invitation to join your circle and share their location.

What to know about Google’s location tracking on your smartphone

Simply install the Life Family Locator app on your phone, and invite your family. And to make life super easy, we send you alerts the moment your family arrives at an appointed location! In order for our app to work properly, we need a few permissions.

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Don't worry - when you create an account, we help you through this quick and easy process. Location - Life locates you and your loved ones on a shared, private map.

How to share location between an iPhone and Android phone - Business Insider

This setting allows us to show location accurately and quickly. Phone permission - Life has a feature called Driver Care Support that, with a single push of a button, connects you to a live representative over the phone. Our live representative knows who you are and where you are to assist in roadside situations such as tows, jumps, and lockouts. We also offer an immediate emergency response in the case of a vehicular collision.

Phone permissions allow us to connect your phone to the live representative and authenticate that you are the one calling them.

Location tracking

Network - This connects you to the Internet and allows us to send and receive location information to and from family members on your private map. Reviews Review Policy. Introducing automated crash detection, for free! Crash detection, one of our most loved features is now available for free to all of our users. This website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area.

Ken Colburn September 14, , PM. Share This: share on facebook share on twitter share via email print. Wondering if Google continues to track your location even if you've turned off the location history setting on your phone?

Data Doctors' Ken Colburn answers your questions. Device, web and app controls Related Stories. Related News.