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This brings us to alternative ways to capture photos. Not only do you have the option to snap selfies with hand gestures, but for all photo capture you can trigger the shutter via five different hot phrases. This can be useful not just for selfies, but also for use with a tripod or groups of people.

Open the camera app and tap the gear icon on the top left. Tucked away inside the camera app, within the filters tab the triple circle icon at the top lies My Avatar. Tap the smiley face icon and select the human face icon within to begin creating your avatar. The G8 will prompt you to take a picture of yourself and will subsequently create an animated avatar of you to the best of its ability, and the results are not too shabby.

You can now use it as a filter on any face you point the camera at.

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The G8 also creates 15 different GIFs of your avatar expressing various emotions and messages which you can send off to friends. LG has always pushed to incorporate fun and useful features for video recording such as manual video capture and the Cine Video suite. The G8 continues that endeavor with a portrait mode video function, which allows you to blur the background of a subject in real time while shooting.

Once in Portrait , hit the red record button and the viewfinder will line up an area for you to put the subject in frame, or you can tap on an object or area and slide the blur slider to adjust bokeh intensity while recording.

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Or you can opt to connect with any Chromecast-enabled device. All of this is easily accessed via the Screen sharing shortcut found in the quick settings section of the notification panel. Tap this to see a list of devices in the area — both Chromecast- and Miracast-enabled devices will show up here — and select your preferred device.

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LG wants you to enjoy media on-device too, which is why the G8 has a 3. These can be excellent features for those who are hearing impaired or are otherwise sensitive to sounds, as well as the audiophiles who need to hear music the way they want it. Handling multiple messaging accounts with separate instances of the same app can be a very useful tool for professionals. The G8 supports dual app instances for most major messaging platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and even Snapchat.

From the list, just tap Install and a second copy of the app will appear on your home screen bearing the dual app symbol in the corner of its icon. After that, log in to your preferred account and multitask like the pro you are.

The LG G8 ThinQ lets you unlock your phone with your hand’s vein pattern

Otherwise, both manual and automatic backups include your home and lock screen, pictures and videos, music, and settings, as well as personal data such as contacts, messages, call logs, and voice recordings. Multitouch Multi-touch refers to the capability of a touchscreen or a touchpad to recognize two or more points of contact on the surface concurrently. Chipset It's the mobile system, a chipset is a set of electronic components in an integrated circuit.

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Internal Internal memory is the memory available on board chip or motherboard which is given while manufacturing at the factory. Card slot A special slot for inserting a memory card for expand your storage.

Camera Primary Camera The Primary camera on a modern smartphone is often known as the main camera or 'back' camera. Secondary Camera The secondary camera on a modern smartphone is often known as the front-facing camera or 'selfie' cam.


Sound Alert types. Loudspeaker Loudspeaker is a small sound driver fitted within a mobile phone, which is used to produce sound. Wi-Fi Bluetooth Bluetooth is short-range wireless communication technology. FM radio FM broadcasting is a method of radio broadcasting using frequency modulation technology.

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Infrared port Infrared Port enables devices to exchange data without using cables. Features Sensors A sensor is a device, module, or subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment and send the information to other electronics. Fingerprint rear-mounted , accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass. Messaging SMS short message service is a text messaging service component of most telephone, internet, and mobile-device systems.