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The update will come as a GUM20a version. This update will include awesome features.

Some of the features of the update include gesture navigation, dark-mode feature, and new Camera application. The Camera application from the update will separate Auto mode for the Photo and Video mode. Additional features from the update include the security patch from the Android update in December. To those who have not yet received the update on their LG G8 ThinQ, they can manually check for the updates. First, go to the settings button of the phone.

LG G8 ThinQ Android 10 O.S. Update Finally Gets in the U.S.

Second, scroll and go to 'About Phone. Lastly, press 'Download Now. However, Google recently decided to shift from the usual dessert names of its Android system updates. T he operating system will have the newest features that other Android versions did not have. Unlike the Android Pie, the latest Android version will have the 'dark theme' function.

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The Dark theme feature can be activated in two ways. The first way is to go directly to the quick settings button. It means that the phone will shift from 'Light Theme' to 'Dark Theme.

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Besides a front camera, the notch contains a Time of Flight ToF sensor , which enables a bit of 3D sensing. LG implemented a face unlock system with this sensor, of course, but you can also raise your hand in front of the phone, move it around a bit, and the G8 will do some whole-hand biometrics. You can answer or decline incoming calls, snooze or stop an alarm, stop a timer, take a selfie, control media, or open a favorite app.

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Most of these functions can normally be done with a single tap on the touchscreen, so I'm not sure if replacing these with a hand gesture is worth it. I'm also not sure if any normal human wants to stick their hand up to a smartphone camera to unlock it.

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Maybe it would work on a table? The other standout features of the G8 include a side-mounted Google Assistant button, which is coming to several new phones from LG and Nokia. It doesn't seem like LG has been investing a lot in smartphones lately. For specs, we have a 6.

The V50 has 5G and the G8 doesn't, and 5G is big, power-hungry, and expensive.

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