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Here's our review. With the Android market heating up, has the XS Max lost its appeal or is it still a worth purchase? As with all 'S' iPhone model upgrades, the iPhone XS is about bringing new processing power to a phone that already looks really good.

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Does the iPhone 8 have what it takes to be your next smartphone - or should you opt for one of the X models? The XR has the latest buttonless iPhone design, but without the big bucks asking price. Small compromises can save big bucks.

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  • The iPhone 8 Plus is as powerful as the iPhone X with a familiar design finished with glass both front and rear. There are two ways of looking at the iPhone SE, the "special edition" smaller-scale 4-inch iPhone. One is that it's Apple simply churning out a two-yea Apple's latest smartphones are the culmination of many years of design, feature and component refinement. Each element of its devices are built and de Things change quickly in the smartphone world and what was once a company's flagship, becomes supposedly second best as it makes way for the latest an The latest iPhone operating system update, Apple's iOS 10, is almost here.

    And it's full of promise that will change the way you use your iPhone or iP It's September, the kids have gone back to school, Starbucks has started selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Apple has released two new iPhones: the iPh The mobile world is changing. We are using our devices, whether that's a smartphone or a tablet, more and more and mobile-centric companies are starti It's that time of year again, the time when Apple updates its software, giving iPhone and iPad users on new and old devices a breath of life, saving t Apple's flagship iPhone has been updated and upgraded bringing with it a new design, new features, and new excitement.

    With the rest of the year's sma You wait a year for a new iPhone and then two come along at once. A surprise to many, Apple released not only the iPhone 6 but also the iPhone 6 Plus,. Apple doesn't just make gadgets now, it also is a payment service that is likely to change the way people use their phone in the future and possibly e The iPhone 5S is Apple's latest flagship smartphone, one that tweaks and enhances the iPhone 5. With almost all of 's smartphone models revealed -. Apple's new operating system, iOS 7, is finally here.

    The C in iPhone 5C stands for colourful, and that's the experience Apple wants you to have with its plastic-backed reimagination of the earlier iPhone. Digital compact camera sales are falling, while smartphone camera technology continues to improve. There is no hype in the world of technology or smartphones that comes anywhere near that which surrounds the iPhone. It's the single device that draws. But should you be Hype surrounds no device like the iPhone.

    iPhone XS review

    Love it or loathe it, you certainly can't deny the impact that Apple and the iPhone has had on mobile phones. The roll-out of Apple's new mobile operating system, iOS 5, is now underway and bar a few early troubles dealing with the demand, iPhone, iPad and iPo No phone has been as anticipated this year as Apple's update to its hugely popular iPhone 3GS, this time bringing in new hardware and a new design to No we aren't talking a software revision like you get.

    The iPhone 3G S isn't really a new phone, it's an update, but probably the hottest update of the year. The thing is the iPhone XS Max is actually one of the more difficult super-sized phones to handle. Others taper to an edge of some sort along the sides, which gives your fingers purchase.

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    Processor: Apple A12 Bionic. But it is the integrated AI chip that is up to nine times faster than the old one that apparently makes all the difference. But as with other recent iPhone upgrades, the raw power will only likely come into its own with new software, speeding up AR experiences and other bits and pieces behind the scenes.

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    The battery life of the iPhone XS Max was slightly disappointing. It lasted just over 27 hours between charges, starting at 7am on day one and lasting right through till past 10am on day two. That was while using it as my primary device sending and receiving hundreds of emails, messages and push notifications, listening to five hours of music on Bluetooth headphones, watching an hour of Netflix and shooting around 10 or so photos a day.

    Beyond human sight and sound

    The Lightning connector in the bottom is still the fastest way to charge the phone, with a full charge taking around two hours using an optional fast charger and USB-C cable. The differences in how they behave come down to the gesture-based navigation that was introduced with the iPhone X last year, and not a lot has changed because iOS 12 concentrated on optimisation over new features.

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    • The big addition is a set of wellbeing tools , alongside much better group notifications , which can be dismissed in one go. Siri Shortcuts, an extra app you can download, also allows power-user automation should you want it, setting up custom routines and trigger words you can utter to Siri. One of the downsides with the iPhone XS Max is how little Apple has made of the large screen in software.

      Beyond human sight and sound

      The Settings app also adopts an iPad-style view in landscape. Those wearing glasses may have difficulty, as will some with sunglasses, although it works perfectly fine when wearing a set of Oakley TwoFace XL Prizm Polarized sunglasses. The dual camera system on the back of the iPhone XS Max has been improved since it first appeared on the iPhone X and 8 Plus last year. It features the same combo of megapixel cameras, one wide angle and one with an effective optical zoom of 2x, but both image sensors and algorithms have been updated.

      The improved HDR mode, which is now on by default, is also better at dealing with high-contrast scenes, meaning shots into the sun and other bright areas are not as much of a problem.

      11 things my Android phone does way better than your iPhone

      Portraits are now noticeably better too, particularly the shallow depth of field effect around hair and other extremities. The bokeh is also now adjustable after the fact, which is fun. The selfie camera is good, but not quite as rich in detailas some rivals. Video is also good, with better stabilisation than previous iPhones. You can swipe side-to-side on the gesture bar to switch apps without invoking the recently used apps cards.