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Getting Started with the Galaxy Note 15 Features to Explore and Enable | Tom's Guide

If there is any problem with the phone, we will work with you to fix it to your satisfaction. Are you looking for a new phone with FlexiSPY already installed? Read All Reviews. Further Reading OnePlus 7 Pro Review—The fastest, best-designed, best-value Android phone I can't say the Note10 has the best screen, since faster, high-refresh-rate displays are hitting the market now, and they make a world of difference in the feel of a smartphone.

How Samsung, the smartphone industry's leading display manufacturer, missed the faster refresh rate trend is beyond me.

  • The Galaxy Note 10 is a lavish, powerful phone that doesn't need two hands!
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  • Dark mode is your friend!
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  • Windows 10: Now you can take calls to an Android phone from your PC!

It's not like the company doesn't have the technology—just reach into the parts bin and put the better screen in your phones! Samsung even killed the rear-mounted heart rate sensor this year, if anyone cares.

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Power users looking for the smartphone version of a Swiss Army Knife should look elsewhere. When I reviewed the OnePlus 7 Pro, I said that the pop-up camera, all-screen design, and high refresh rate display made it feel like something manufacturers will spend the next year chasing. After the Note10 launch, I still feel that way. Samsung needs an answer for its competitors' devices, with faster screen technology and camera solutions that don't intrude on the display.

All these companies from China are kicking Samsung's butt, and they're doing so at a lower price point. Based on what each device brings to the table, it feels like those price tags should be swapped. It's not reducing its dependence on the highest specs and wiz-bang gimmicks in exchange for a more refined experience or anything like that.

The Note10 is still shipping with Samsung's heavily reskinned version of Android with Samsung's slow updates. It's still full of half-baked redundant software like Bixby. The Note10 is the same strategy Samsung has been doing for years—just not executed as aggressively.

Five things you need to know about the Galaxy Note 10

The competition blew past Samsung this year, and the company needs more than a mid-cycle upgrade to keep up. Other than the wide availability and the undoubtedly large marketing budget, I don't see anything special here. Hopefully Samsung has major upgrades in the works for next year's Galaxy S You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content.

Samsung A50 Missed Call Notification

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Pixel flashes white on the Note 10+ display during calls - the proximity sensor

Between The Lines. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Hitesh Raj Bhagat. Related Samsung Galaxy Watch Active review: Ideal choice if you want simplicity and elegance Faux pas fix: Samsung completes 2-month redesign of Galaxy Fold; in final stages of production. No one uses the word phablet anymore — it sort of has a negative connotation. But the first Galaxy Note way back in was the first phablet around.